Syvastienaos Everston ( + More)

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Xaine Callum Chaos

Phoenix Armor (Dragoon) form

Wings movement

Chaos form

Assassin form




Syvastienaos Arno Dorian Bloodfang



Avinar Criss

Chaos Angel form



Assassin form

Who Am I...

Syvastienaos Everston/ Cain Callum Chaos/ Avinar Criss

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My Story Is...


Syvastienaos Arno Dorian Everston, son to Ruby BloodFang. Nickname Naos. He is a Chaotic  Vampire Fox. His father Grimoire Chaos was a Chaotic Vampire. His mother Ruby an Evil Vixen. Age: 24. Cursed by his father to have a slower regeneration and to resist healing magic unless he had lost a large amount of blood but the curse was broken. His father sent him to the brotherhood of Chaos Assassins at the age of five. He was raised by the grandmaster assassin Avinar Criss. Adopted by Alexandria and Jordan.

During the fall of Planet IX, Naos and other warriors faced off against a man called Kyran Byone. He had many acolytes and Naos ran through them to get to Kyran but when he thought he had the man in his death jump, an acolyte appeared before Naos and Naos killed the acolyte instead, then an acolyte jumped on to Naos’ back and began stabbing him multiple times with one being on the side of his neck. With what strength he had his deadly tails tore the acolyte that was attacking him apart. With the last of his strength, he told Cain what had happened and to find Jae before falling into a coma from the loss of blood. He has awoken but is weak and still healing.

Name Syvastienaos Arno Dorian Everston

Age: 35

Magic: Chaos and Shadow


 Avinar Criss

Age 362 years old

The Master Assassin of the brotherhood of Chaotic Assassins. Raised Naos and Cain from the age of 5.

Race: Chaotic Angel

Height: 8’4″ tall

Cain Callum Chaos

The oldest son to Grimoire Chaos and his mother who was a mystery to him and his father. All was known about her was that she left Cain a sphere of her armor which he would absorb into his body at the age of 15, a blue flaming spear called Etro’s Wrath, a bow with holy aura arrows called Etro’s Tears and that she was a Phoenix warrior from Consequence. It was told that she had fallen during the Slayer War.  He is also half brother to Naos Bloodfang.

Age: 37

Race: Chaotic Angel Vampyre

Height : 7’10” tall

My Appearance

Standing at 7’9″ Black fennec fox ears that blend in with his black spiky hair



Assassin form (Face claim Arno Dorian from Assassin Creed  Unity)


animal forms






Naos Everston.

A shape-shifting three barreled gun called Cerberus. Its ultimate form is the Death Penalty.

Assassin form’s weapons

Wrist blades on both forearms that shift into crossbows called Phantomblades. (Naos, Cain, and Avinar have these)

A Rapier called Chaos Fire.

Chaos Spear

Skills: Chaos Fire barrier, Chaos Chains, Rapid speed movement. Acrobats, Stealth, Hand to hand combat.

Cain Chaos WIP

Blue flaming Spear Etro’s Wrath.


Death’s Wrath

Chaos Breath

Etro’s Tears


Avinar Criss WIP


Assassin’s Wrath