Eva Lloyd

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Eva Lloyd

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No one

My Story Is...

A night at the hospital was a tragic one for Eva’s parents. Her mother recently took a gunshot wound to the stomach and now she was having a c-section to have the baby removed. Eva’s father paced in the hall scared out of his mine for his wife and the baby. One hour goes by and a doctor informs the father that…..both his wife and the baby made it. The father rushed in to see his wife holding his child. The child was so small and innocent the father was struck with a feeling to protect it. The mother looks at him and says “Come hold your daughter honey” The father nods and slowly holds the child. He says “Welcome to the world….Eva” the child recognized the voice from when she was in her mothers womb and he tiny hands reached up to touch him softly. On that day Eva Lloyd would be brought into the world and her parents were Aaron Lloyd and Ruka Souen. A few years pass and Eva is now a thriving 16 year old. She trains in hand to hand and weapon combat with her father Aaron and she learns cooking and other needs from her mother. They lived with there friends Yuka Kuran whom is Aaron’s childhood friend and Ruka’s best friend and Aido, the family friend. Eva was doing great. She was awesome at school, she stayed fit, and she had a sharp mine but she always had this strange….feeling in her mouth and nose. She explains it to her parents and they become shocked but tell her not to worry they will figure it out soon. However Eva is told by a figure that they are lying. This figure it man known as Kain. Kain is a mortal enemy of Aaron and Ruka but Eva does not know that. When Eva was 10 Kain came up to her secretly and told her that he is a friend. He also told her that her parents aren’t all that special and they have been hiding the truth. The real truth that her father Aaron was a demon and her mother a pureblood vampire. Aido and Yuki were also Vampires as well and the fact that Eva had these weird feelings and taste proves it all. When she returns home she overhears a conversation about Eva between Aaron and Aido. Aaron wants to tell Eva the truth but he also wants her to live a normal life. Something they never got to do. Then Aido mentions something about demons coming after Aaron for betraying them even though he is a demon. This thing ticked Eva and she barges it and pours her heart out. She yells at Aaron telling him he is a liar and all that. Once Aaron tries to comfort Eva, Kain appears behind her. Aaron is fueled with rage as Kain puts his hand on her shoulder. Aaron smashes Kain through the house and they fight. Aaron ends up overwhelming Kain and he escapes. Aaron, Ruka, and the others decided to take Eva to a vampire academy where the three vampires used to go. They all agreed and take her there. Later that night Eva runs away only to have her father chase after her. Once he catches up with her he takes a deep breathe and tells her everything. Kain is a sworn enemy because he worked with Aaron’s sister shinto who plans to kill Aaron for more power. Eva was surprised to know she even had a aunt, but there is more. The night Eva was born Ruka had to get a c-section because Kain shot her in the stomach attempting to kill the unborn baby. Kain was also a vampire with fire powers. Then to top it all off he also points out Eva is a hybrid of a demon and a vampire. Eva looks at her father and asked him why he kept it from her. He sighs then says he wanted her to have a normal life with friends and everything humans can do. He didn’t wanted her to be got up in a blood feud between the vampires and demon and he got on his knees and beg for forgiveness. Eva sheds a tear then hugs her father and tells him lets go back. Aaron agrees and they head back to the academy. Time passes and Eva is now 17. She has full control over her powers but this wasn’t enough yo stop what was coming…..When everyone let there guard down Kain came to the academy unnoticed…..and killed Ruka. Aaron and Eva where able to have a few more moments with her before she passed away then they cried. A funeral was held for her and Eva clenched her fists and swore revenge on Kain. Eva takes his daughters hand and nods in agreement. But first they need to cope with the lost together. So they pack there bags and tell everyone good by. They planned to travel together and see the world like humans and once they return to there friends Kain would be the first. Eva said goodbye to friends and Aaron said goodbye to Yuki and Aido. They all smile as Eva and Aaron walk away into the sunset but little do they know….Eva’s story is just starting

My Appearance

Eva has long white hair with brown coffee eyes that can chaage to red when she gets serious. She wears a little choker around her neck and perfers to where a white collor short with a black leather coat over it













Black flames– Inherited from her father, Eva is able to use black flames and expell them from any point of her body. She can also manipulate the flames to her will.

Illusions– Inherited from her mother, Eva is able to cast Illusions on her opponent just by looking at them. It doesent matter if they are looking away.

Blood wings-Due to being part vampire Eva can expel blood wings from her back that resemble a butterfly and use them to take flight.

Life draining– Being part vampire Eva can suck tje blood from her victims if she needs to to either heal, or gain that persons knowledge.

Extreme healing– Being part Demon and part Vampire, Eva can heal at a rapid past making it seem like a cut she received from a knife never happen, or a broken arm can be snapped in seconds.

Devil form-Eva has mastered the ability to turn into her demon form. This form enchanges everything fron her powers, to her speed and precision


Eva’s Demon form

boobs, cleavage, horns, long hair, armor, white hair, glowing eyes :: Wallpapers




My Secrets Are...

For me to know and for you to find out

I Believe...

“From this point foward I swear I’m gonna protect everything I love even if it costs me my life and I’ll be dammed if I go back on my word”