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Who Am I...

My name is Ryan Ruyukko. Or known as GodSpeed

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

No one

My Story Is...

Ryan was born into a very wealthy family known as the Ruyukko’s. He got everything he wanted, enrolled into the best schools, also had the nicest clothing, and had a very high social statues. But one day that all changes when Ryan stumbles upon his fathers library which he was forbidden to go into and discovered a book about his family heritage. Apparently the Ruyukko family had a secret that no one knew about. Ever other generation receives a angelic power due to Ryan’s ancestors aiding the angels in a war against demons. As Ryan read further and further he steals the book from his fathers library and takes it to school with him. He next day a bunch of bully’s push him around and take the book from him and punch Ryan in the mouth. Ryan’s best friend Eric rushes in attempt to help Him and get the book back from the bully’s but it fails. Instead they start to pin eric and punch him over and over and over again as blood flies everywhere. Horrified seeing his friend about to die Ryan scream “Leave him alone!” He lighting flickers from his body. He head butted the bully that was holding him and with god speed he punches every single bully so fast not even Ryan knew what happend. Scared someone would see Ryan takes Eric far away from them and they hide. Eric was amazed at what happen and Ryan dident know what to do. Eric hands Ryan his fathers book which he swiped back from the bully’s when they left and Ryan begins reading it. He relized he had the angelic power not his father which he first suspected. Ryan and Eric both swore to keep this a secret and they high five. Years and years pass Ryan trains like crazy in secret with Eric being his so called “couch” and he becomes immensely strong, able to travel god speed at will and utilize blue flames and even fly for a temporary amount of time. Ryan then takes on the name God speed as his super hero name and saves other people. His fame quickly spreads and his parents find out. Angered that he went behind there back for so long they told him he wasn’t allowed to use his powers. Ryan becomes angered and sneaks off to Eric who tells him he should forget them. The two friends lock hands and hug promising to always be there. But as time passes bad things happen. Ryan’s parents die in a accident, people start calling him a freak, and Eric moves away. Ryan runs away so he doesent get out into a orphanage an continues saving people. As he gets older he sees a harsh reality the world his and instead of hurting bad guys he kills them. Ryan has seen a lot. People murdered, mugged, beaten, he even walked in on a man rapping a women. Tired of all the torture he kills and kills bad people, but one  day when he is faced with fight a super villain and beats Ryan down, Ryan  lays on the ground close to death and unable to move. As the villain goes for the killing blow some stops him…risks his life for Ryan. It was Eric. Eric smiles at Ryan one last time before having a blade ripped from his chest. Ryan is thrown into a rage and murders the villain. Destroyed with grief Ryan burgs Eric where is parents are then vanishes for years. Memories of what Ryan was before he discovered his powers go through his head then he finally finds it…..his resolve. He said to himself “No more killing, no more meaningless deaths, no more hurt, I’m gonna protect what I hold dear to me” With that Ryan is back to his old self with the memories of his loved ones filling his mind. Ryan, after saving earth decides to move on. He finds a strange portal and is sucked into it. Once he lands he is in the world of Hellyifyno. What adventures await Ryan next, who knows……..

My Appearance

Ryan has messy white hair and loves to wear hoodies. He mostly wears jeans and tennis shoes as there more durable when he travels god speed.














God Speed– Ryan’s most well known move is Godspeed. As lighting flickers around him he can travel faster then the speed of light unleashing a barrage of attacks quickly and effectively.

Blue flames– Ryan can create blue flames which burn hotter then regular fire. These flames can come be expelled from any part of his body.

Angel barrier– by clapping his hands together Ryan can create a barrier around himself or for others nearby that protect them from anything but unholy spells.

One finger hell stab– By charging foward with only point his index finger and his entire arm Imbuded with lighting, a Ryan can perform a move he calls the One finger hell stab. One Ryan strikes his opponent with his index finger, it send a shock throughout there entire body and on top of that the amount of force Ryan puts into this move pushes his opponent back 2 miles away

Flight– Due to his angelic heritage Ryan also has the ability to fly. Combining this with his god speed he can attack from any angel with blinding attacks.




My Secrets Are...

For me to know and for you to find out

I Believe...

“From this point foward I swear I’m gonna protect everything I love even if it costs me my life and I’ll be dammed if I go back on my word”