Arbretrarious Obscure {Battle Master}

Intro Video


“I’ll be looking for a champion a person to inherit my knowledge and my realm to ascend would be a word for it though at the moment i will be putting it off i will always be searching for disciple candidates”

“i can’t mimic your armour weapons or technology but that doesnt mean i cant wear the armour use the weapons and make my own technology so it’s all the same in the end but i should say about technology huh? well for the most part i have not but a fucking single clue with it, it means i don’t know what tech is but as such i would be in a constant state of learning about it”

“As for my physical body it is either made from black glass and crystal a parasitic kind of dark or dust which interchange from every now and again, but the reason i have those bodies instead of say a biological is because i would forgot to make the body eat, drink, or breath i don’t do well with such subconscious actions as i am not used to it though for the time being it will be put off until after my deep study of tech”

“When in my dimension make sure to stick with me unless you want to get smacked by the edge of a cube that had appeared almost out of nowhere so bear that in mind misses and misters! also because the dimension is on the 5th dimensional realm completely beyond your tiny brains~”

“I have fought many within the multiverse ever since i managed to break free from the chains that limited me but through out all those fights i off course learned how to fight with boxing stances martial arts and so on but most importantly is the magic and powers they use to make battle like the most prominent magic with others having highly specific abilities which i found that i remembered and well i started to create logs of them which then inspired me to create my own powers and abilities copying some for sure but still this allowed me a lot of range in battle”

My Story Is...

“So after doing some test i see that hellifyno is the perfect testing grounds even against its villain and heroes seems like on every end of the spectrum there is always violence or some anger or hate or something i dunno im sounding a bit preachy so ill get to the point although some would want to prove me wrong or not except it as fact it is in fact a fact like violence being some kind of intrinsic part of the conscious be it how big or small i even done so myself fighting some that could be considered gods, litteral gods, and those be them how low in strength with comparison i being the architect of my own universe my single universe alone in eternity only to escape when i took control when i used whatever’s left of my power in a violent manner even bumping up the universe a dimension so now very difficult to enter i have begun creating, creating what you may ask? things to fight! might as well fuel the fire right? so if you ever are looking for a challenge come to a antique mirror in a random place im sure a good scuffle is never out of the question ay?” (its means fight me or i can get monsters for you to fight and such)

“Though if you want to know more about me and my past i suggest getting my trust and well you know what they say~ no pain… NO GAIN!”

My Appearance

“it took a while to knit the coat so at the very least appreciate my work”

“I’m taking things into my own hands although fleeting might as well make the most of the time i have and the time i’m going to spend with what i want to do”


Has trouble dealing with biology more in the sense that when he is attempting to mimic a biological creature they would have trouble maintaining it like forgetting to feed the body or drink or breath so usually obscure sticks to the good old body with no needs and no real shape which allow a good amount of customization


The Law Of Balance And It’s Equilibrium

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This item cannot be held by no one but obscure and thus! can’t be stolen or taken be it by force or by choice the effect is that obscure may only be as strong as the opponent but in turn this item could be used to weaken the opponent or strengthen them.