Lord Steyr || GSE Emperor ||

Who Am I...

Lord Steyr, Sith Emperor , Order of Revan

Romantic Interests

Females- any species but must be female. Must be extremely faithful.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Derek Steyr. Inheritor of the Mask of Revan. Trained by the Order of Revan, I seek peace through power. Extremely well versed in lightsaber combat.

My Appearance

Wears a mask, and long dark robes. Wielding a red cross-guard lightsaber. Also wearing armor. If these are taken off ( 0.02% chance of that happening ) Pale, Scarred, Muscular body.


Red cross-guard lightsaber, with a flaming crystal inside ( Gained from Waran in trade ). Armor. Mask. 1 Sith holocron.

Army: 50 Flaming Golems ( Waran ), Troopers and Purge Troopers.

My Secrets Are...

Not actually evil, but uses the Dark Side because it has power. Also because I use anger and passion and pain more than hatred. Because of this the Dark Side dosent affect my character too much, allowing me to do good. Even while being a Sith.

I Believe...

Defending the oppressed. Order is achieved through power and force. The Force is all.