Mason Winters

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I'm Mason Winters

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My Story Is...

Eons ago there had been a great war between Humans and Necromancers. Human saw them as unholy and unwanted in this world so the nations of the world banded together and find a eradicated these people. 40 years pass and the wars still wage on the battle was coming to a end with the humans as a victor. In a desperate attempted to revive there kind, 4 grand master necromancers banded together to form a perfect being to live among humans a repopulate there kind in secret. This is where my story starts. All i remember was waking up in a ruins with no knowledge of what i was or who i was but it quickly became apparent i was not human. As i stumble out the ruins my head was blown ff by  couple of hunters, i know right hello world. But….My head came together instantly and my eyes turned purple making there bodies become nothing but bones. I looked at my hands not able to speak because i dident know how. But i started walking 20 years later and  haven’t aged at all. I learned how to read, write, and  knew everything about the world I was living but not a thing but myself……that was intill I had a dream about everything. The war, the Humans, The grand masters,…..Me. It was like they planted something in my head so that when I awake all would be clear. I saw what I needed  to do but i denied purpose not caring about world domination. I decided to take on the name Mason Winters and now I roam the world endlessly,not able to die, seeing generations pass. It seems the humans forgot about the cold blood war which made my life easier. I learned how to use all my powers and even learned how to control my emotions. I i ever got just to pissed off……Well come and fine out

My Appearance

My hair Black and i love wearing fancy clothes unless im just gonna not do anything all day. I wear  ring on my right finger with the necromancer symbol that no one knows about. I also wear a cross necklace on my person and I have tattoos on my back of another necromancer symbol.


Necromancer Ring– The ring i wear on my right hand contains enough energy for me to bring a dead person back to life just by touching them but when I let go the energy leaves them and they die again.

Purple Flames– Im able to conjure purple flames from any part of my body

Decay– I ca cause someones body to decay with a single gaze i wanted to

Immortal– I can never die….Ever. Trust me i tried. If there is even a single cell left of me it will come back


My Secrets Are...

I tried not to get to attached to others

I Believe...

I am forced to suffer forever