Tavi and Abi

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Through the muck and darkness, through loss and even death….

The Fairy endures.


Tavi the Fairy

Current age appearance: About 22.

Relationship status: Single

Residence: The Glade

Family: Aero

Likes: Reading, ballet, anything to do with nature and flying. Protecting and caring for her glade.

Dislikes: Meat, iron, salt, and seeing others in pain.


This Tavi is the reincarnation of the old Tavi. she has the memories of her many lives past hidden in her cute little head. She’s finally remembers who she once was and it has paved the way to who she is now. Still she is haunted by night terrors. Every morning her heart breaks, body shivers and she feels she is back there, the torture the pain, the isolation. One day she finally woke mature and she knew, she had to go home, back to the glade. Now the fairy has half her heart in the city, half in nature. She still practices ballet dancing for filled out theaters and adored by the high class artisans of Consequence. But when the curtain closes, the applause silences and she is back to herself, you can find that graceful dancer in the wilds happily playing in the mud.



Even the smaller roles of this tale have a backstory…


Abi the Neko

Relationship Status: Single

Age: *A Neko never tells.*

Current residence: “Neko Village”

Occupation: Runs an orphanage in Persistence

Likes: Children, quiet walks, singing, Fish and rice.

Dislikes: War, abusers, enslavers, dishonesty, black licorice.


Abby appears to be a young Neko with a sweet smile and caring heart. She is of course a long lived species so her age may be actually older than it seems. She lives in a Neko settled area of the city outside of Consequence and many like her who work for Mr.Aero at ALL Corp. He liberated her homeworld when it was at it’s most chaotic and destructive point. Many lives lost and the effects of the turmoil caused prolonged suffering for those who survived. Abi has seen much. Still it has only made her cling to those things that are most fleeting. Hope, joy and even love. She lives with her Neko mother a well skilled seamstress with a no filter kind of aspect on life.

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