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Who Am I...

A were cat

Romantic Interests

Master Fang Zhen

Relationship Status

Reserved in all way to Master Zhen

My Story Is...

Born to a clan of were creatures, she was  born a seer. The visions came swiftly to her and the elders, she studied under were in awe of her gift. But even she could not see far enough in the future to save them.

All was as it should be till the explosions came from above. Great metal beasts descended upon them capturing many for enslavement on other planets. Taken far from their home land she found herself sold as a slave. Years passed and the collar she wore became a natural thing.  They were being transferred off world to another settlement when the ship crashed. She with a handful of others survived. Having been a slave for so long she no longer knew what to do when freed.

Her life had now began a new chapter. Claimed by the Master Fang Zhen, she serves and studies under him to learn about this new world and the life she will lead here.

Reserved in all uses to him and him alone.

My Appearance


Sharp claws and teeth

Various weapons

Ability to communicate with animals

Seer with the ability to see into the future or into the past


My Secrets Are...

Not all slaves are unhappy in bondage some only find truth in collar.



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