Fire Xorel (+ Others)

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Fire Xorel

DOB: March 23, 1963

Place of Birth: Planet Kyron – Sector 7459.23A

DOD #1: December 23, 1977

Place of Death #1: Planet Earth – Sector 2814.36

Age: 19 years (physically looks 26, in total he’s 35 years old)

Height: 5’10

Weight: 158lbs

Body: Muscular/fit


Personality: Fire is a warm-hearted, open-minded and all around kind person at heart. He’ll do his best to make sure someone is comfortable where they are and is very thoughtful and kind to everyone. Fire almost never gets heated about anything, unless you know exactly how to make him mad. He respects and accepts everyone’s looks, perspective and opinions. Pretty much everyday you’ll find him in a good mood, but at times, you’ll find him very concerned about something and very silent. Most of the time he will be concerned about something that involves Starforce, like a war or something that would effect StarForce’s future in a good or bad way.. and you can tell when he is very concerned. He cares a lot about people in general and he’ll do some selfish things just to help others. Fire is extremely flexible about making changes with things, but he needs verbal feedback on what is going wrong, otherwise he cannot make the best change for someone.


Abilities: Fire has numerous abilities, counting up to nearly 50. Fire is able to control and manipulate reality to an extent but can change and manipulate one’s reality and change the environment around him. He can also use reality to stop an attack, like an attack used with black matter or gravity. He’s able to control, manipulate, and create any type of energy and control all the elements. Fire is able to teleport anywhere and phase through anything. He is also able to adapt to any atmosphere and is even able to give an environment its own oxygen. Fire has telekinesis, umbrakinesis, atmokinesis, dynamokinesis and photokinesis. There are more powers, but I’m too lazy to give the entire list.


Weaknesses: Fire is immune to almost any attack and he has very few weaknesses. His main weakness is Kyronite crystals/weapons, which can completely weaken him from using his abilities and can weaken his strength. His other weaknesses are the Archangel blade, Firebreaker, Starbeam, Peacemaker and the Equalizer, though you need to hit Fire multiple times in order to critically harm him. Firebreaker, with 12 hits. Starbeam, with 18 hits. Peacemaker, with 6 hits. The Archangel blade is a one hit. The Equalizer is too but there’s more about the Equalizer down below.


Bryan Deckheart (Deceased)

Creator of the S.T.A.R.Force Alliance

DOB: January 26, 1918

Place of Birth: Planet Zarolia – Sector 5142.96B of Space

DOD: May 21, 2020

Place of Death: StarForce Headquarters, Planet Irelinz-2A – Sector 7459.23A of Space

Cause of Death: Severe Cardiac Arrest – later discovered it wasn’t an accident.

Age: 102 years

Height: 6’3

Weight: 167 ibs

Body: Fit/Healthy


Personality: Bryan Deckheart was a kind and respectful man, and an honorable leader. He was a futurist and was inspiring to the StarForce community. He was very accepting, friendly, thoughtful, loving, flexible and forgiving. He was mainly quiet when he worked. He was one of the best people to ever meet, and people favored and loved him.


Abilities: Bryan had the ability to manifest particles and control light, matter, energy, plasma and had rapid regeneration. Bryan took out around 17 million annihilators during the 2018 invasion on Earth with one blast on the front line from above, stopping the line of fight and StarForce’s defense from being pushed back. After Bryan’s presence, StarForce had brought the Annihilators’ numbers from 50mil to 12mil, making them flee.

Weaknesses: Bryan was cursed with immortality but when he finally removed his immortality in 2019, he was an open target.

I accept anybody’s race, identity, pronouns, sexuality, gender and opinion. I follow freedom and equality rights, independence and the right to speak.

Who Am I...

I'm Fire Xorel and I am a Kyronian full-blood (Kyronians are a human-like species with superpowers and supernatural abilities). I was killed and was reborn as an Archangel (Go to the Supernatural Wiki on Fandom if you're curious what an Archangel is).

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Taken | Married to Star Xorel

My Story Is...

Kyron is Fire’s home planet. From gathered information, Fire was sent off-world soon after he was born. He was sent off his planet on March 23, 1963 and landed on Earth on May 5, 1977. Fire became the protector of Earth at age 14, but when he turned 26, he died on December 23, 2001 and was sent to Heaven. During his time in Heaven, he was pulled into Heaven’s sanctuary and met God. God has seen how much worldwide change Fire has made throughout history and after some time spent in Heaven, he was reborn, as one of God’s sons. An Archangel. Now, he is the CEO of the S.T.A.R.Force Alliance (Strategic Teams of Aligned Reinforcements Force), an Executive Leader of the UAI (Universal Agency of Investigations) and Director of the Kyronian Embassy.

My Appearance


Fire is a white male, has blonde hair, with orange hair down the middle, and amber eyes. He is 5’10 and is 19 years old but he still looks like he’s 26 (in total, he’s 35 years old). When he was reborn, he revealed his angel wings for the first time. They are huge and completely white, glow almost all the time and are very beautiful. Fire has really good circulation, so you’ll find his body temperature warm almost all the time.



Formally, he wears StarForce’s new CEO uniform and has his celestial sword Firebreaker held on his back. Off duty, you’ll find him wearing a black, white or red hoodie, a t-shirt or tanktop, jeans or shorts. He always wears his golden cross necklace and another necklace that holds a glowing, blue energy crystal at the end.


Type: Celestial Sword
Made of: Dying-star metal, Xerasteel (416ibs), [Redacted] divine metal
Capabilities: Able to use ANY super powerful ability and strengthen user’s power by 5x.

Type: Celestial Sword
Made of: Dying-star metal, Xerasteel (234ibs), [Redacted] divine metal.
Capabilites: Able to manipulate, create and transform energy, matter, light and space.

Peace Maker
Type: Double-sided Energy Blade
Made of: Firebreaker and Starbeam – Connected by their handles and held together by fusion energy and gravity.
Capabilites: Harming and killing most beings.

The Equalizer
Type: Divine Pistol
Made of: Heavenly creation magic. (One of God’s created weapons).
Capabilities: Harming any being but harms the wielder if bullet hits target.

Archangel Blade
Type: Divine Blade
Made of: Heavenly metal and celestial magic
Capabilities: Can harm and kill any supernatural being (including Archangels except God)

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

in God, and that people deserve happiness, especially after troublesome times.