Adela R/Mikayla L-M

Who Am I...

Adela The Pink Healer /Mikayla The Clan Sentry

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Aleda’s Story-Alida & Andrew’s Story Mixed

Before Adela was born she was alida/andrew,So first Alida’s Story:The daughter that revived the power of lightning,She watched her twin brother kill her mom so she telported mikayla to safety to safety after seeing abgail be thrown into the ocean & fled from that old relic of a home to hide in The ruins of skymoon village & was Adopted into The Lucyrus Family 2 years after & was raised and sent into guardian training at the age of 16 & married to Ice Dean Thornson at the age of 21 & returned to red sun to see her step mom-Stella & her step little sis-Selenne who haven’t aged a bit,Sadly Since Her Husband Didn’t Want a Daughter With Those Powers He Divorced Her But He Has All His Powers Were Given to Bella.But has Put Her Daugther with Her Mother while she recovers from her Great grandfather’s death.And now Andrew’s StoryThe Twin To Alida,Andrew was a Nice kid Once but that changed on Abigail’s 4th month b-day,When his Heart Turn Dark & He Killed His Own Mother at the Same Time Alida Had Telported Mikayla To Safely So they clashed only to fight his Aunt Rylie,He Fled After that.He Later Forced Jaiden to Forget Who Sarah was & he Killed His Great Grandfather Skyla Skymoon.But he was ashamed for killing his twin he soul combined with her and Created Adela.

Mikayla’s Story

Seconds after birth.. Mikayla A Pinkadow Found Herself in A basket covered by a Blanket & moments later she was adopted By Senshi H only to spend 3 years in the old world and then after suffering my step mother and father’s death,I fall on my knees and sob

My Secrets Are...

Im the last of the Pinkadows ever since My father died-Andrew

I Run the Leontine Clan aka the Former Hakisuru Clan but When I got hold of It I renamed it to My New Last name-Mikayla

I Believe...

My Two Dead Fathers Are with me In Spirit I still love them with all my heart and Miss them everyday and I hope Alida is too