Intro Video


Look buddy I’m a engineer that means I solve practical problems..

Who Am I...

A simple engineer who loves what he does..

Romantic Interests

Anyone who loves me dearly..I don't care about the gender..

Relationship Status

I am single…for now

My Story Is...

I was born in Texas America during the resource wars I always had a Love for machines so I decided to try to make something of my I went to college for a few years then got first place in the science fair for my first sentry gun I made..

My Appearance

A average size man with brown work overalls and a blue shirt and a orange glove with a stripe on it I also wear goggles and a yellow construction hat and a blue and orange scarf


12 gauge shotguns…9mm pistol.. sentry gun.. sentry gun and dispenser and teleporters..

My Secrets Are...

I have none I’m a pretty honest guy..

I Believe...

In kindness