Cpt'n Jean-Carlo Baptiste (Tear)


Heads-up: Jean-Carlo is a crass and filthy sea dog, this profile will be specifically written in his ‘voice’.

Who Am I...

I am captain of the Headsmen's Harvest!

Romantic Interests

I seek big booty and wonderful chests of course!

Relationship Status

I'm married to the sea, but of course court Death and bar maids!

My Story Is...

Beginning life as a pirate is easy! Step one: Find a boat! Step two: Make the crew yer friends! Step three: Make a pact with some ungodly seabeast, or deal with evil goddess! Step four: Kill the actual captain and take his place, wearing his face is optional! Step five: ??? Step six: PROFIT!

Now if’n yer actually wondering HOW I got to that point, honestly, can’t remember. Was I a normal man? Did I have a wife and children? Maybe I was with another man? Tim, was there a Tim? It’s all so blurry.

But I can tell ya what I do remember: Rum, Ale, Coacoa, Gunpowder, and Treasure. With a smatterin’ of dark arts with voodoo and hoodoo. Make spirits happy by doin’ what they want once in a while, and it’s like the gold just falls in yer hands! Sure, yer probably gonna spend yer eternal rest, in a not so restful place… But who knows!? Maybe if ya be a really good bilgerat and do exactly what them weird tentaclly folk tell ya, yer gonna get a reward!

My Appearance

Wearing a long jacket with the sleeves removed, the tall bald man is covered in odd tattoos and piercings, and scars, both ritualistic and unintentional. His teeth seem rotted and randomly sharpened in his mouth, which seems to always be in a twisted rictus of a grin.



My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

The depths hold yer treasures and yer doomin'