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I’m new here! ^^
Name: Tiny
Species: Devil
Age: 17
Height: 5’0

Who Am I...

Hi! My name is Tiny! Nice to meet you!

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

I’m Satan’s daughter! I’m pretty awkward! My brother’s name is Lucifer! He doesn’t really like me all too well… My dad and brother wants to to get involve with the Heaven and Hell war, buuuut I’m not really into that! Especially when I’m friends with one of the angels…SH don’t tell them!

My Appearance

My black hair splits down the middle of my head and my hair is SUPER long. I’m pretty short and I have long pointy devil horns and ears! Whenever you’ll see me in Hell, I’ll most likely be wearing a T-shirt and shorts.


I don’t really have that much besides a giant stuffed panda in my room that I cuddle with. Lucifer always makes fun of me for it! -.-

My Secrets Are...

I’m friends with an angel…don’t tell Lucifer and Dad!

I Believe...

That heaven and hell should be in peace

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