Haseo ( Terror of Death/PKK)

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Who Am I...

Haseo Terror of Death

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My Story Is...

Haseo is 5’8″ (174 cm) tall.

Adept Rogue



Initial Weapon
Spin Gai Gu
Broad Legged
Scythe Shouxiao

Special Weapon
Ticking Death
Shadowy Death

Guild Member(s)
Twilight Brigade (Disbanded)

My Appearance

First Form
Haseo’s initial form is a Twin Blade. He has red eyes, shaggy silver hair, an exposed midriff and wears a black leather wardrobe. His shoulders are decorated with wave tattoos and the marks on his face are shaped like red lightning bolts.

Second Form
For his second form his midriff is now covered and additional bronze-like metal plating was added to his arms and hips. He also has a metal decoration on his back. The marks on his face are jagged with a straight line underneath. In this form, he gains access to his Edge Punisher job. This is also the form in which he first awakened Skeith.

Third Form
Haseo’s appearance changes drastically in his third form (he is quoted as looking “awesome” by Silabus and Gaspard after completing the Job Extension quest). The bronze-plating components are now gone, in their place being spiky black and red-gradient tipped protrusions littered all over his armor. His torso and abdomen are now once again no longer covered by armor, now covered by a tight, leathery purple piece with a red tattoo on it, akin to his initial 1st form. His facial marks are two curves on his cheeks, each with multiple juts coming out as they run down his face, likening to scars. In this form, he gains the ability to use his Flick Reaper job, Weapon Change, and Skeith the 2nd.

Xth Form
During Redemption with help from Zelkova, Haseo unintentionally breaks system rules and communicates with his Avatar to obtain a fourth Form. Unlike previous forms, Haseo has gold eyes (although they remain red during game play), wears a white striped shirt, pants and has various plates scattered over his arms, legs, and hips. His shoulders are bare and have gear shaped symbols on each side. Similar to Kite there are triangularly shaped marks on each side of his face. The Xth Form gains the ability to use Skeith the 3rd, drain heart and dash. The initial weapons he is granted with are a pair of dual guns, the DG-X (in reference that they are dual guns, and come with the Xth form).

Fifth Form
In Volume 4 of Last Recode, Haseo obtains another form known as 5th form. After the events of Volume 3, Zelkova seals Skeith, removing it from Haseo’s PC, since he believes it is too dangerous to leave Skeith with the power of all the Epitaphs, stating this could cause Cubia to return.
After a mysterious monster known as Shadow Vegalta attacks the Net Slum Tartarga, Zelkova unlocks Haseo’s full potential, by giving back Skeith, as well the power of all the Epitaphs it absorbed in the form of a weapon known as Gate of Ouroboros, unlocking his 5th form.

Haseo is a cold person, but holds a soft spot for Shino. He finds it hard to get close to people. Though not as warm, he is a great leader and is willing to risk everything for his friends. When Shino was attacked by Tri-Edge, he stopped at nothing to find out what happened to her and tried get his revenge. As he progressed, Haseo learned to trust his new friends and grew as a person. Also despite his profession as the “Terror of Death” in Roots, Haseo hates rumors and forums, disdainfully calling it “idle chatter”. His preferred sources for information are PKs and “professional victims” like Bordeaux and Midori, respectively, as they are far more likely to encounter the mysterious PK, Tri-Edge, than the rumor-mills on the BBS.



When Haseo began playing The World, he was approached by two players IYOTEN and Asta, who offered to help teach him the game. On their adventure however, the two betrayed Haseo and PKed him. The mysterious player Ovan appeared, PKKing them and reviving Haseo. Eight months later, following the events of Roots, Haseo is shown attacking a group of PKers lead by Bordeaux, a PKer from Kestrel. Haseo PKs Bordeaux when she doesn’t give any information to him concerning Tri-Edge. Upon returning to Mac-Anu Haseo meets Sakaki who proceeds to lecture him about PKKing, this is when Haseo first meets Atoli originally mistaking her Shino though Sakaki dismisses this explaining that sometimes players have similar PCs. Sakaki’s lecture is cut short when Haseo gets a short mail from Ovan asking to meet, when Haseo meets up with Ovan he finds out that Tri-Edge would be returning to the Hulle Granz Cathedral which Haseo promptly teleports to.
Upon arriving at the cathedral Haseo is reminiscing about Shino when his thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of Tri-Edge who begins to combat Haseo, Haseo uses all of his skills and weapons on Tri-Edge but he is far too great an opponent and ends up Data Draining Haseo. When Haseo regains consciousness he finds his PC has been re-formatted and he has lost all of his data including his e-mails, then when he logs into the world again he finds he has lost all of his levels, items, abilities and member addresses putting him back where he began when he first joined “The World R:2”.
Haseo bumps into the Guildmaster of CanardSilabus, who persuades Haseo to join the guild, which Haseo does as he realizes that the fastest way for him to regain his former power would be with the help of Canard. Silabus and his friend a co-guild member Gaspard originally mock Haseo for saying he is “The Terror Of Death” because of his low level but soon find out he is telling the truth about having all of his Data destroyed when they are confronted by Bordeaux with her 2 henchmen, Bordeaux is about to PK Haseo and his friends when Pi arrives and tells Bordeaux that members from Moon Tree may soon be arriving, after the PKers have left Pi meets Haseo and tells him he has a great power within his character. After this he is befriended by Atoli, who attempts to make Haseo understand the true purpose of Moon Tree. He also becomes targeted by Bordeaux, still trying to get revenge after her failed attempt earlier. On a mission with Atoli they come across a Tri-Edge sign which transports them to Indieglut Lugh where they see Endrance, this is where Haseo first sees AIDA and he and Atoli are attacked but are saved at the last minute by Kuhn who summons his Avatar Magus and repels AIDA. Kuhn later recruits him into the mysterious organization “G.U.” which Haseo grudgingly agrees to help in order to get information of Shino and Tri-Edge.
During the tournament, he also develops rivalries with the ex-PK Matsu and the ex-Emperor Alkaid, and he exposes the Emperor Endrance to be an AIDA-PC. The legendary Emperor, Antares, also takes him under his wing, helping him unlock his Edge Punisher form once again. However, in an attempt to prove herself to Haseo, Atoli disappears searching for Tri-Edge. “G.U.” is able to track her down, to a mysterious room, but when they arrive Azure Kite appears and attacks them. They defeat him, and he crumbles into pieces. Haseo is disheartened that even though “Tri-Edge” is defeated, there is no change in Shino’s state.
Letting down their guard after defeating Azure Kite, the group is shocked when an AIDA emerges, steals Atoli’s Epitaph, and escapes from the room. The incident places all the players of The World onto a mirror AIDA Server, and no one is able to log out. “G.U.” succeeds in transferring everyone back to the original server, but even escaping to the real world, Atoli finds that her arm is now paralyzed. It later becomes clear that the Holy Palace Emperor, Sirius, is infected by the AIDA in possession of Atoli’s Epitaph. With help from Endrance, Haseo is able to defeat Sirius and retrieve Atoli’s Epitaph, but not before an AIDA-infected Bordeaux PKs Alkaid, causing her to become a Lost One in Haseo’s arms, much like Shino before her. After the tournament, Sakaki, who had been behind the actions of Bordeaux, used Atoli to take over Moon Tree‘s @HOME, turning it into an AIDA Server. Haseo and “G.U.”, however, free Atoli and defeat Sakaki. At this point, Ovan appears again, to reveal that he is the true “Tri-Edge” that Haseo has been looking for, and is the one behind all of Sakaki’s actions. Haseo fights Ovan, but it ultimately ends in a draw as neither is powerful enough to defeat the other.
During this time, “G.U.” is taken over by Sakaki, entrusted with the position by the CyberConnect Corporation due to his ability to “control” the AIDA. Haseo participates in Sakaki’s PK tournament to defeat him once and for all and fights through a large number of PKers in order to get to Taihaku. During the title match Haseo realizes that the AIDa controlling Taihaku is really in his Blade much like the cat “Mia” was to Endrance. After Battling AIDA Haseo is weakened and Sakaki Descends to the battle ring to finish Haseo off while he can’t fight back, then Haseo (with the help of his friends) recovers and fights the AIDA controlling Sakaki and defeats him once and for all. He then tracks down Ovan in the room where his sister Aina is kept, and is finally able to defeat him. Ovan reveals that the reason he needed Haseo to defeat him was so that he could unleash his Avatar Corbenik‘s true power, “Rebirth”, so as to cause the entire Internet to reset. This results in the destruction of all AIDA, curing himself and his sister Aina, which seems to have been Ovan’s original goal. The shock wave from the “Rebirth” causes Haseo and his PC to be heavily damaged, in this dazed state Zelkova leads Haseo into a conversation with his Avatar Skeith taking on the form of Sora, however Haseo tells him that he’s determined to go on and that he’s taking Skeith with him, this leads to the 2 fusing to create Haseos ultimate form, the Xth form, as well as upgrading Skeith. The effects of “Rebirth”, however, unleashes another threat, Cubia, into not only the The World, but the entire Internet. After fighting his way through Cubias outer shell and then battling through repeated encounters with “Doppelganger” Haseo and the other Epitaph Users are able to defeat Cubia, with help from Ovan, who sacrifices himself to stop the monster.
After Haseo and the others defeated Cubia, Haseo received an e-mail from Shino who’s waiting at Hulle Granz Cathedral. When he arrived there followed by Atoli, he was torn between his feelings for Atoli and Shino. When Atoli left heartbroken, Shino offered to restart the Twilight Brigade with just the two of them to find Ovan. When Haseo didn’t give any reply, Shino said that she saw everything through Ovan’s left arm and told him to be honest with himself, helped Haseo to realized his feelings and chased after Atoli.

.hack//G.U. After Story
.hack//G.U. Returner
Haseo receives an email from Ovan simply stating “There is something I wish to entrust to you. Come to ? Hidden Forbidden Festival.” Upon arrival, Haseo finds a summer festival setting, as well as Shino and Atoli having a conversation about him. They tell Haseo that Tabby and Sakisaka have already arrived, but have run off in search of Ovan, to which Haseo responds by calling them “Just as impulsive as always.” He agree’s to go with Atoli and Shino to look for them, only to find them, along with Endrance and Saku, being attack by an abnormal monster.

Haseo Returner
Haseo in .hack//G.U. Returner

Haseo succeeds in defeating the monster, only for it to deflate into a puddle and become a mysterious looking Chim Chim . Haseo attempts to kill it, only to be halted by Shino, who claims the Chim Chim has something to say. However, the Chim Chim can only be understood by Atoli’s mysterious hearing ability. Using this ability, it is revealed that the Chim Chim is actually an AIDA. This surprises Haseo, as all AIDA’s should have been destroyed by Ovan’s Rebirth, the skill used by his Avatar in Redemption. The AIDA Chim Chim then explains that only the AIDA that was not adapted to “The World” was destroyed. It is then explained that “The World” has accepted AIDA and that only benevolent AIDA remain. Haseo refuses to accept this, and still sees AIDA as an enemy that put so many players into a coma. He prepares to attack the AIDA Chim Chim, but has a change of heart after Bo explains to him that the AIDA have changed their ways and asks Haseo to understand that AIDA is no longer an enemy.
All the characters return to the now active Summer Festival where Haseo enjoys the festivities with friends old and new alike. Later, Haseo is found by Shino to be sitting down watching the festivities from a distance, when she asks Haseo what he thinks of the message left behind by the AIDA Chim Chim. It is then revealed that after Haseo decided not to attack it, it took the shape of floating letters, spelling out the word “RETURNER”, which is believed by the characters to be a message from Ovan. Shino tells Haseo that it means “someone who has returned.” Haseo shows doubt, saying that it isn’t neccesarilly Ovan. Shino simplifies the situation to Haseo by saying that the AIDA came and left a message in a field where they were specifically invited by Ovan, and that it would be odd if the two weren’t connected.
Atoli arrives, and asks Haseo is he is scared of the disappointment of the possibility that Ovan may not have returned. Tabby pops out from behind Haseo, and says that it looked that Atoli guessed right. Haseo is flustered by this, but is reassured by Shino and Tabby that Ovan if full of pleasant surprises and he wouldn’t betray Haseo’s expectation. Atoli asks Haseo what he would say to Ovan if he came back. After some thought, Haseo stands up and says “Welcome back, Ovan.” At the same time that he says this, Ovan is reunited with Aina.


Duel weapons, Broadswords, Scythes, Duel Guns.
Ticking Death Scythe Lost weapon

Broad Sword Called Gale of Ouroboros