Anais Fifer


The wolverine is renowned for the amount of punishment it can take, for it’s ferocity and unbelievable gluttony. It’s jaws are strong, it’s claws ferocious. It’s hide unbelievably strong. It can break bone with its teeth and it fears nothing and no one. It has been known to kill a Polar Bear by latching onto its throat and it eats every bit of its prey’s body, not just flesh but bone as well.


Anais has never experienced fear like most creatures in this life time or the next, even with his deposition toward fighting and a desire to inspire peace rather than mayhem in this world or the next but there have been opponents that have instigated the anger and frustration of this creature that is neither or beast. Initially, he was born with the disposition of anger and destruction. Like most wolverines, he sought out stronger opponents to prove himself to his people and the creatures surrounding his small but flighty pack.
He was a hot-blooded, fearsome fighter with jaws of steel and a hide as strong as diamond. He would pick fights with anyone and everyone who challenged him, whether they were brutes or of a lesser nature. He quickly rose to be the strongest of his kind but that wasn’t enough for him. In one fateful evening, his entire race of people was nearly brought to extinction and he could do nothing about it. In the end, he made it a goal to transform the way of life that he had lived before hand, but not before he loosed himself on the creatures that had done it…
In the end, that all changed, however, in Hellifyno’s bid toward new gods for their own pantheon. Faced with new trials, he changed himself for the better, losing most of his temperamental nature when imbued with the essence of Hellifyno’s new Gaia. A priest, a demi-god, he became one of several entities who were given her power for the betterment of the planet.

Initially, he sought to figure out his new abilities and he traveled around, healing others, saving some from the crisis of monster hives around the planet. In the end, though, he retired from the more trivial of pursuits to pursue the true meaning of his new nature and that led him toward cities such as Persistence, where the Red Sun Inn lurked, and Consequence where the Blue Moon was.

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