Jinshu Wang

Who Am I...

An Earthbending and metal bending prodigy

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

He has lived on Hellifyno for eighteen of his twenty years of life quietly practicing the art of earth bending being taught by his father. About two years ago he realized he could bend metal and have master metal bending as well. He is an earthbending prodigy easily outclassing most Earth benders his age. He also enjoys the outdoors and was taught by his mother to survive in the wilds. An Earth bender and metal bender. His father was a part of the Republic City police for a while. But at Harmonic Convergence about 18 years ago for Jinshu when he was two. Him and his parents were transported to Hellifyno. His little sister was born in Hellifyno. Jinshu doesn’t know anything about his old world other than the stories his parents told him. He is also a decent Pai Sho player

My Appearance

I wear simple clothes as I do not need much from the world.


The clothes on my back, a backpack with survival equipment and a bit of scrap metal for bending

My Secrets Are...

I hope to become world renowned one day.

I Believe...

I will find my purpose one day.