Edwin Thatcher

Who Am I...

Edwin Thatcher (You can call me Thatch)

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Raised in the peaceful world of Vasika Edwin was always an inquisitive child. He was a boy who lived in a home of love and in world of prosperity. His father an accomplished diplomat and mother a beautiful and talented craftswoman. The boy was taught and learned much from his parents. Though the boy, with a bright future in front of him would not be the one he could ever imagine as there were more sinister plans unfolding.

An evil man mad with visions of other worlds sought to find them and gained access to power not born of Vasika. Not knowing what truly destructive power he had awoken the man unleashed this force into Vasika plunging it into chaos and destruction. Creatures from another realm tore this beautiful world asunder. Obliterating everything that was once Vasika.

The boy was saved by a mysterious monk that removed him from this plane of existence and brought him to the Arcanum. It is here at the Arcanum, where an ancient order of magical warriors strive to keep peace in all realms and dimensions. Their mission is to travel to any realm in all of time and space at the behest of the Arcanum and fight for justice and teach those that are found wanting. For it is the will of the Arcanum the prevailing force which sits at the center of all planes of existence. The source of all magic. It is here at the center of all thing, the boy learned magic. He learned to fight, he learned to teach ultimately he learned his calling.

After many years of training we find a 28 year old man. No longer a boy. This man is ready to undertake his calling and travel to teach, aid prosperity and if need be…dispense swift justice.

My Appearance

Ashen white hair contrasting with dark skin tone.

Eyes that shimmer with a slight purple hue

A form fitting burgundy leather vest with gray slacks with brown pinstripes

Around his waist a belt with a book attached to the back and a wand holstered at his side.


Channeling wand (needed to control  power)

Journal (a place to document his travels, a compendium of his findings.)



I Believe...

That we all have something to learn and no one is ever to far gone.