December Morgenstern


Living is something that can be exhausting, I just so happen to be free of that burden by being undead” 

Who Am I...

500 year old vampire just trying to live life without killing

Relationship Status

Single and ready to mingle

My Appearance

Jet black mid-waist length hair, pale skin, dark maroon eyes and two long pointy fangs. Usually wearing a turtle neck and red leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up aswell as fingerless gloves, long black leggings and a pair of combat boots


Several silver pocket knives hidden in several areas of my outfit, blood bags, like a metric shitton of blood bags, a few bottles of vervain, some wolvesbane, a crucifix or two, wooden stakes and my trusty silver revolver

My Secrets Are...

I despise my own kind (not too big of a secret though), the rest you’ll just have to find out on your own.