The Batman

Intro Video


We all have bad days, mine was years ago when tragedy struck as a boy while in an alleyway.

Who Am I...

The Dark Knight

Romantic Interests

Male and Female

My Story Is...

As a boy, my parents were gunned down in an alleyway in a mugging attempt. I swore revenge and ten years of advanced training. Now I make sure what happened to me never happens to anyone ever again.

My Appearance

Gray Kevlar bodysuit with a black bat on it, long gloves with metal spikes on the arms, a pouched utility belt, long boots, a long and wide cape which goes over my shoulders with cuts on the bottom, and a bat cowl with ears in between high and low in height.


Batarangs, Smoke Pellets, Grapple Gun, Batclaw, Freeze Blast, Remote Electrical Charge, Cryptographic Sequencer, Batmobile Remote, Electricity Mines, Sticky Bombs, Blowdarts.

My Secrets Are...

I open up to people when necessary. I sometimes smile knowing I’m hurting someone. I’m rich.

I Believe...

That anybody can change so long as they willingly prove themselves.