Roan Lilith Blake


(Profile is currently under construction)

Who Am I...

The Harbinger

Romantic Interests

Men, women, anything that has a heartbeat really. Roan isn't picky.

Relationship Status

Single. Just the way she likes it. (Though the writer hopes for a romance to bloom)

My Story Is...

Roan’s story is very… Complicated. She was the first archangel ever created, until she fell. Noone really knows why she fell, but they do know she wasn’t always the way she is now. Somewhere along the line, she went from the beautiful, pure Evangeline, to the psychotic, ruthless Roan she is now. (Name pronounced Row-an)

Now, she murders for sport, delights in the pain of the innocent, while every day her sanity slips more and more.


Roans powers include:

Voice manipulation


Ice and snow conjuring


‘holy screech’ (the ability to magnify her voice into a higher, deadly octave)

Death sense (the ability to sense when a person near her is about to die)

Rift manipulation (ability to pull and store things using a mental ‘locker’. She can summon anything she is strong enough too. Things she cannot summon: elephant’s, people who haven’t been in the locker before, anything the size of an elephant or bigger, and scientific things. [I.E. time machines, spaceships, ECT])

And blood binding. (More on this later)

Roan has many different personalities as well. All respond to Roan, but they aren’t all the same.


My Appearance

Roan has a few different appearances. Frequently, she uses her felled form.

The only things wrong with this, is her wings. She has grey wings, the color of Ash. And her eyes. They are many different colors, all depending on how she feels, and what part of her mind is present.

Another form:

Again, grey wings, and ever changing eyes.




When she does carry her weapons around, this is what they are.

My Secrets Are...

Roan wishes to one day be loved as she once had loved.

I Believe...

Everyone should die.