Winter Firewolf

Who Am I...

A white and gray Timber wolf and part original Victorian vampire..with two different personalities

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am the daughter to my rich father and mother with one sister named Scar. we defeated the dragon and wolf war but my parents did not. I live in the spirit realm along with my other friends with different forms. I am known to be the best thief in the realm and the one to take the prized jewls and crystals of life. i killed the king of my home and took over as queen. i’m the evil type of creature and yes, i have died a couple times but a little thing some should know.. i dont take crap from anybody so good luck to whoever gets in my way *evil winks*

My Appearance

timber wolf form: white and gray fur covering my body, purple eyes, sharp canines, long sharp claws, flowing fluffy tail hanging down.

Vampire form: long white hair (ground length), very sharp fangs, full lucious lips, red eyes, tall and skinny, sexy red and black clothing (lingerie, corsets, etc), freaky/sexual type.


-Silver blades (a special kind of silver that i CAN touch)
– a weapon cave room (a secret place i have to keep all my weapons and leather clothes)
– knives (of all kinds)
– Crystals of life (each species of creatures in the realm have their own Crystal that represent their life force.)

My Secrets Are...

know me and find out

I Believe...