Arbretrarious Obscure

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“I can’t mimic your armour weapons or technology but that doesn’t mean I cant wear the armour use the weapons and make my own technology so it’s all the same in the end but… well for the most part I don’t know tech but I’ll like to learn plus its new skills and they are always nice to learn like learning how to beat the shit out of someone or learning to use vocalized speech.”

“As for my physical body it is either made from black glass and crystal or dust which interchange from every now and again, but the reason I have those bodies instead of say a biological is because I would forgot to make the body eat, drink, or breath I don’t do well with such subconscious actions as I am not used to it, most of the time it ended up with me just walking around with a rotting cadaver, and I must say it is an easy deterrent for people and a magnet for those who hunt walking dead bodies, though for the time being it will be put off until later”

Who Am I...

"ye boy the obscure"

My Story Is...

“So after doing some test I see that Hellifyno is the perfect testing grounds even against its villain and heroes seems like on every end of the spectrum there is always violence or some anger or hate or something I dunno I’m sounding a bit preachy so I’ll get to the point although some would want to prove me wrong or not, I except it as fact it is in fact a fact like violence being some kind of intrinsic part of the conscious be it how big or small I even done fought some lads myself, and those be them how low in strength with comparison, I have still fought, it was one of the first thing I learned though I do like a challenge, and I have begun creating, creating what you may ask? things to fight! might as well fuel the fire, so if you ever are looking for a challenge come to a antique mirror in a random place I’m sure a good scuffle is never out of the question” (its means fight me or I can get monsters for you to fight and such)

obscure exists as a concept with a minimal conscious at first, like pattern screamers being by products of consciousness that appears between dimensions in the scp foundation, obscure is similar but different being a concept of balance unlike the pattern screamers which are more akin to thoughts and fragments of consciousness’s, obscure had many a sibling counting in the thousands, in obscures realm obscure was but a concept of balance like it’s other siblings in this generation one of many precursor generations, in each generation these base concepts came into existence then we’re destroyed all at the same time for what reason it was unknown but during obscure’s generation instead of all the concepts dissolving all at once instead the did so one by one and continued until the few left included stability, equilibrium, and balance and as stability as well as equipment were dissolved the law of balance had activated and did not dissolve instead consuming all the residue of its siblings every concept and law doing so until all gone and the cycle ending marking this the last generation and the end of this dimension only for the new born full conscious to object using all the laws at its disposal to bring it back to its base form and allowing full control over it, but it left only obscure, obscure’s trusty mirror, and… whatever’s beyond the umthombo (yes umthombo) wall, though to note it has gained the concepts and thoughts of its siblings managing to gain a higher intelligence but undeveloped, after which their universe gone through the big rip until afterwards gaining control over its universe and making it obscures personal home, although only secluded to its universe with its full power he can control its expansion, density, mass, matter, energy, etc… pretty much everything even its intrinsic law’s, detached however with one pathway being a certain antique mirror and its permission, as well as losing your lunch this part is a necessity if you plan on stepping foot in its home, after that debacle being only a short time however small it accidentally yeeted himself outside his universe into another which was very VERY high fantasy, like snoop dog levels of high, with floating islands a pantheon, magic swords and much more, where it met a wizard that took obscure in and was cared for then taught many things like how to fight and use energy control which worked its way into magic as well as society, language, critical thinking and so on nurturing obscure to be human though not in all regards still enough to not be creepy… Most of the time, after an entire story worth four lifetimes in that world it came to Hellifyno as well as learning what technology is and being pretty much a boomer not knowing what a smart telecommunicating device or cellular phone is and such.

side note: his universe is now called the sankalpana mirror realm, it’s also a hassle to get to if your not obscure.

My Appearance

“it took a while to knit the coat so at the very least appreciate my work”

“I’m taking things into my own hands although fleeting might as well make the most of the time i have and the time i’m going to spend with what i want to do”

Has trouble dealing with biology more in the sense that when he is attempting to mimic a biological creature they would have trouble maintaining it like forgetting to feed the body or drink or breath so usually obscure sticks to the good old body with no needs and no real shape which allow a good amount of customization


{The Law Of Balance And It’s Equilibriums As Well Stability}

scales Of Justice" photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors & videos | Adobe Stock

This item cannot be held by no one but obscure and thus! can’t be stolen or taken be it by force or by choice the effect is that obscure may only be as strong as the opponent but in turn this item could be used to weaken the opponent or strengthen them.


{Crazy Ark}

Energy Ball Sphere Electricity, PNG, 894x894px, Energy, Art, Ball, Deviantart, Electricity Download FreeCrazy Ark was made when obscure was really and I mean Really bored just throwing everything obscure had into a mixing pot just to see what happens and ended up with the appropriately named Crazy Ark a multi coloured floating ball with the ability to have it do what the user wants like explode on impact or poof but release poison gas though you have to procure the poison yourself, or change its shape to be a long powerful beam and so on.

Sphere Light Circle Rainbow, light, color, sphere png | PNGEggThe draw back is that you have to charge up the attack internally and not for long so pre preparing it is a no go, as for the charge internally bit and example would say obscure is charge the attack in one arm but the attack has to be inside of obscures body so it would look like rainbow coloured lights coming from obscure’s arm, after which obscure must release that attack, one problem, the attack is still inside of obscures arm so it would explode out of obscures arm and do what it does, as for obscure the arm is now destroyed which would require obscure to reform it, with this example it should obvious what the problems and that is the fact you have to destroy your body in order to cast, for obscures its fine but for everyone else it’s not making it difficult to learn and use, only real use is as a last resort.


{Nishi sealing obscurah}

Clear Optical Glass Cube - ApolloBox

Recently obscure has acquired a sealing rod which obscure had reshaped into a cube, obscure had gained this artifact during a recent and fruitful adventure in which during it obscure found the rod in the crater and was originally red/orange with a powerful amount of power originating from a fire spirit inside it the crystal was damaged so some power had leaked out besides that the crystals shape and usage of it reacts to what’s its touching like it’s conductivity, form of matter, and density so on,  and after sealing another fire elemental inside the crystal, accidentally levelled it up by pouring some of obscures power into it specifically having used {Crazy Ark} a special ability obscure has and created a long time ago, the crystal had become much more powerful and durable making its sealing ability and capacity much more viable.

I Believe...

"in learning and experience… also mirrors"