Sebastien "Al Sah-Him"

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I am a Main and location chat roleplayer mainly I only use Pm’s for Private Rp with whoever I get with or OOC which I don’t do much of  Also Do not kill my character off also you do not have permission to control my character in any way or form. If you do it grants you an autoblock and I will ignore you,  Also I will block or dodge auto hits automatically if you want to RP fight me you must attempt to hit.  


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My Story Is...

Name: Sebastien “Al Sah-Him”

Race: Shadow Elf Vampyre of the Green Flame

Age: Looks 29 but is 7210 years old.

The son of two shadow elf Vampyres from the Nilf Shadow District.

My Appearance

Portrayed by Stephen Amell

Height: 6’5″

Eyes: blue rimmed with green fire.

Demon form


Bow, Quiver of Arrows with special arrowheads. Two Swords, throwing daggers



Archery master

Endurance and strength

Sword mastery skills


Green fire magic
Skills and Abilities
Peak Physical Conditioning: Sebastien used the finest bodybuilding equipment, even during his ten a wealthy businessman. He eventually developed impressive muscle conditioning on par with the finest Olympic athletes, comparable to Batman.

Enhanced Reflexes: Sebastien prefers to use bow and arrows in combat, despite using a ranged weapon  Sebastien is able to easily combat enemies at close range. He is able to evade and maneuver quickly in order to get a point-blank shot with his pinpoint accuracy.
Enhanced Speed:  Sebastien has a large build, but is very quick on his feet. In order to gain a perfect shot, he is used to quickly moving around viewpoints with his speed.
Enhanced Strength:  Sebastien possesses great strength as he is able to pull back and fire his arrow to astonishing lengths with his pure muscle force, with the simplest bow. He also possesses enough strength to knock out most of his enemies at close range using either his bow or his fists alone.
Enhanced Stamina: As the eternal robin hood of Hell,  Sebastien has a finely tuned fatigue and damage resistance. He is able to patrol for hours even at his age and effectively utilize whatever energy he has.

High Intellect: As a former high in a business owner,  Sebastien has a great business, financial and technological knowledge having degrees in several fields before running his own company. He has handcrafted his finest arrows with his knowledge of technology.

Poly Mathematician:  Sebastien has studied many maths and sciences in order to properly create technology and effectively boost his former business.

Master Combatant: While highly preferring to use his ranged weaponry,  Sebastien is well versed in the arts of hand to hand combat. He is able to subdue a number of enemies without any arrows while either aided the blunt force of his bow or simply is fists.

Master Marksman:  Sebastien arguably the greatest marksman in Hell. He has incredible dexterity and accuracy with his bow and arrows and rarely ever misses his targets. He is effective at utilizing his range and knowledge of several different kinds of trick arrows in his arsenal, having skillfully memorized each and every one.
Master Tactician:  Sebastien is wise in effectively leading a long-ranged covert team. He is well versed in the arts of stealth and can effectively plan out a near-perfect plan of attack.
Master of Stealth: During his early career,  Sebastien was forced to hide from the corrupt organizations of the high-end businessman that he used to work with. He is well versed in the arts of sneaking around, he is effectively able to use the silent effect of his archery while never being spotted by a target.

Cataclysm manipulation

A dark matter ability that cuts through anything. Mostly uses in his arrows.