Madison Sinclair


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  1. Mia Holloway
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Madison Sinclair (Original Character)

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My Story Is...

Madison was born into a small upper middle class family and grew up in a white two story English Country style manor on the Sinclair estate in the Beverly Hills Flats. Her father is a prominent judge and her mom is a socialite most famous for her annual Fall fashion show thrown in Los Angeles. She is an only child.


Madison started modelling when she was six and quit at fourteen. For years her face and body was one of the few plastered on posters and mini billboards all over the junior section at the mall. One of the posters are still up and it’s probably the most embarrassing- at least to Madison anyway. It was the last one she ever took for that modelling company. She was fourteen and her hair was crimped and frizzy and she had a head band with a large bow that would’ve put that Jojo Siwa girl’s to shame and a sequined top and black leggings that made her look like Hannah Montana.


At fourteen she developed a real interest in acting and joined her school’s drama club. Two years after joining the drama club she finally got the female lead role: Daisy Buchanan in ‘The Great Gatsby’. The first real role she ever landed was as a girl in a lemonade commercial: “After a long day at school, nothing beats coming home and pouring yourself a cold glass of Harper’s Lemonade.” She takes a large drink and gives a thumbs up to the camera. “Delicious!” She flashes the camera an award winning smile. “Harper’s Lemonade in grocery stores near you!” She holds the bottle of lemonade, with the label facing the screen, next to her face. Madison must have been pretty good too because they brought her back in for six months before she was replaced and every now again it plays and they send her a nice check. She hated drinking that stuff, in real life if she wanted lemonade she’d make it fresh. That was when she was seventeen. Now at the ripe age of nineteen she’s about to star in her first movie. Some independent drama flick with a bunch of other actors no one’s ever heard of but when you’re first starting out you take what you can get because you never know when the next opportunity will come.

(A work in progress. Updated on 02/18/20)

My Appearance

Madison has heart-shaped face with a pointed jawline and slightly sun kissed skin. Thick pale sunflower blonde waves fall just below her shoulders while her bangs are parted down the middle of her wide forehead. Nestled below neatly trimmed and nicely shaped eyebrows are round-set blue eyes with full charcoal colored lashes. Set between prominent cheekbones is a straight edge nose. A small beauty mark sits above her upper lip. Dimples frame bow-shaped lips and a straight white smile. Slim arms lead to small hands and black painted nails which rest on either side of her tight hourglass build and perky breasts.


her phone, a pink hard covered journal with a butterfly sticker from Rue21 on top and her favorite pen hooked on the cover, the newest Louis Vuitton bag, her wallet, pepper spray

My Secrets Are...

Madison isn’t perfect, though that’s no secret. Her biggest secret is the eating disorder she developed as a preteen caused by feeling insecure in Hollywood and cultivated by her mother:


“This is Hollywood, baby girl. It’s nothing personal it’s just the world we live in.” Mom said. The seat of the toilet was cool against Madison’s cheek, tears stained her face and made her mascara run. She could still taste the throw up on her breath and feel her mom holding back her blond hair. At least it was her bathroom this time and not the one at the Mondrian. “In this business the way you look matters.” Mom went on to say as she let go of her daughter’s hair. Madison felt the ends of her hair tickle the skin on her back. Madison’s bathroom floor had white carpet and smelled like the Febreze air freshener plugged into the plugin above the sink. Her throat felt raw and it hurt to swallow not that she wanted to but it wasn’t like she had a choice. 


The air conditioner kicked on around the same time her mother left the bathroom. Madison let out a deep breath and used the back of her hand to wipe the rest of the throw up away. She stood up, her knees wobbly and weak as she made her way to the sink. The carpet felt nice and soft between the spaces of her toes. She wet her toothbrush and squeezed the last of her toothpaste out of it’s tube. The minty taste was refreshing. Madison stared at the girl looking back at her through the mirror above the sink. When she first started throwing up she hated looking at her reflection, it was like looking at a stranger. But now it was like seeing an old friend.