The Gentleman

Who Am I...

A Gentleman to my core, with plenty of surprises and more.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am The Gentleman,  which is simply put, my name and identity. I have come a long ways from the days and battles of The Old Wars, but I still surprise many people. I have long since given up the war games, and have tried to devote my new life to helping others instead of killing them. But, if the situation should arise, I am not afraid to fight and protect those around me.

My Appearance

Height: 6’3″

British Accent

Clothes: Victorian style suit with a top hat and cane

Curled Mustache

Is completely made of nano bots that can take whatever form he wants(that the nanobots can form, of course. Nothing too impossible)


Unnamed evil entity:

Height: 8-9 feet tall

Tail length: 6’5″ long

Green visor for sight

Speaks unknown language

Serrated teeth spin around inside mouth like chainsaw/buzz saw

Has fire abilities


Top Hat


My Secrets Are...

. I am 342 years old, but look about 30

. I am completely made of nano bots. From the tip of my top hat down to the tip of my shoes, it’s all nano bots

. Has multiple forms, the two most common being The Gentleman and the other a 50 foot black, metallic dragon with green glowing eyes

. Has new unique underwater form: Aquillipede. It is a dragon-like creature with the long body of an eel(think wyrm), but has paws and two larger fins protruding from its back that act like underwater wings for swimming and gliding through water. Is a little shorter for water pressure(about 35-40 feet) but is much longer.

*Classified Info not shown*