Henrik Ablelein




Do not question my research, do not question my practices, do not question my habits.


“Realities drive you mad, especially when they all come crashing down at once.”


File #179: Reality Parasite: Dr. Henrik Ablelein 


Age: Unknown, 30 or 40 years old. Sources vary


D.O.B: Redacted


Role: Head of the Department of Alternate Reality Studies  (D.A.R.S), Senior Field Researcher for certain Reality Engaging Field Teams (R.E.F.T)


Current host of apparent parasite of unknown reality, dimension or creation. To be met with caution and care.




Information on Dr. Ablelein is extremely rare, with GAP personnel. A majority of staff within the GAP have come to accept the oddity that is Dr. Ablelein, honoring his wishes for people to leave him in the midst of conversations, honoring his wishes that his research is to be kept isolated from the rest of the research committees and generally respecting his wishes on being left alone in his office for days at a time. 


An area that causes great discomfort across many new and old staff alike is the fact that no one can precisely say when Dr. Ablelein joined the G.A.P Institute. Whenever mentioned, new and old staff members tend to think fondly of the Doctor along with past conversations they’ve had with him, as well as claiming to have had experiences with him that strangely never seems to be recorded in any shape or form.