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“A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

Image result for comic tony stark tumblrFull Name 
Birthname Unknown
Nickname(s) & Aliases
Finnic(Adopted Name), Finn, Finnie, Wolfman, Old Man,
The Amarok,
Pureblood Amarok
Late Twenties, Early Thirties (physical)
Unknown (actual)
Relationship Status
Unknown (Similar To Western-American)
whiskey | sweat | pine | blood
Face Claim & Physical Description
Viria Art (on Tumblr)
Finnic is often described as ruggedly handsome. He has short-cut black hair and bright blue eyes. He is roughly six foot four and one hundred and sixty pounds of well-kept muscle. His facial hair is trimmed and well-kempt. His clothing usually consists of blue jeans, brown boots, and a t-shirt(or a henley, or a hoodie of some kind – Depends on the weather). Finnics’ torso has lots of scar tissue, from his years of surviving alone in the wild. Finnics’ Amarok(wolf) form stands at three stories tall, with an uncertain length. His fur is partially matted and his hide is scarred, his cerulean eyes also turn into bloody red during this time. Finnic cannot speak in his wolf form but is still sentient/conscious.

Image result for tony stark fan art pngPersonality

At first glance, Finnic is extremely anti-social and quiet. The Amarok doesn’t normally speak unless addressed by someone else unless something of great intrigue catches his attention. Finnic is not a man of many words, mostly speaking with body language and emotions in his eyes. More often than not, Finnic will keep to himself and not share thoughts swirling in his head. Since Finnic wasn’t born human, with the slue of emotions, Finnics’ emotions can be sporadic or intense, sometimes overwhelming for him to handle. But when Finnic grows comfortable around someone, he becomes very easygoing and prone to showing more expression. Although, It’s also very often that Finnic will become confused and frustrated, sometimes easily giving up on simple tasks for average humans. Due to his natural instincts as an Amarok, Finn can be very defensive towards anyone he’s unsure of as well as aggressive towards any sense of threat.


When Finnic splits from reality and the Amarok has full control, no sense of his personality is present. The Amarok was once a peaceful creature, but after several millennia of fighting for his life, that had changed. With the Amarok in control, it becomes a ruthless creature, destroying anything in its path. The Amarok is rumored to pick off people who wonder alone, devouring them in the dense forests to never been seen again. Amarok’s are extremely defensive and unpredictable, easily able to snap and go from calm to deadly. In this form Finns’ consciousness cannot be reached, The Amarok only relinquish control if they lose consciousness or are affected by magic.

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The Amarok is an ancient species of magic-infused wolves, hailing from a far off world that has long since been dead. They were simple but wise creatures, who lived peacefully on their homeworld.  Some believe the Amarok are descendants of the Norse god: Fenrir. However, These rumors have been proved to be false, as their only similarities are their humungous size and immense strength. Several thousands of years ago, roughly a millennia before the planets’ death, one of the original Amarok packs had another successful breeding season and eventually birthed a fair amount of pups. Among the group of newborns, was the wolf that would grow to become Finnic. Immediately at birth Finnic resembled his mother, having a completely pitch black coat, but carried the blood-red hues of his father; an exiled Amarok. He was the strongest of his mothers’ three pups, the other two being his brother and sister. The pack Finnic was born into was the head of a hierarchy, the Amarok pack to rule them all and to uphold peace.


Finnic, known as a different name in this time, grew up faster and wiser than his siblings. Finn wound up being the largest of three, once he grew to full size. An old tradition for the Amarok is to mate the strongest of one pack, to the strongest of another. This way they kept the Amarok blood pure and always kept expanding their numbers. So while in his what we’ll call ‘teenage years’, Finnic came to prove himself as the strongest of his mothers’ pack, towering above anyone else who dared to challenge him. The years of training and sparring lead Finnics’ coat to matte and scar, leaving his appearance to be less than attractive. Once the trials to prove one’s self was over, Finn was lined up to mate/marry a female from another prestigious pack. To the Amarok hierarchy ‘love’ is nonexistent, all things are done for the good of the many, to keep their numbers stable and their blood strong.



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It wasn’t long after this that tragedy befell the Amarok pack Finnic belonged to, most of his family had been slain and mutilated beyond recognition – only able to identify them by scent alone. Though, Finn knew it was the work of beasts who had arisen after thousands of years of slumber. The massacre did not stop with his family, eventually, the entirety of the Amarok population was hunted down and systematically wiped out. A small fraction of the great race is all that remained, Finnic was one of these few. For many years to follow Finn grew older, lonelier, colder. Before he even truly realized, the planet was dying and he had no choice but to leave. Some strange glare of white light engulfed his vision, never to see his dying oasis ever again.


Days or weeks later, he awoke in a wasteland, somewhere on the planet of Hellifyno. This land would later become known as Persistence – and his newfound home. But before this, Finn lived in the woods alone for several millennia. Rumors spread of the Amarok being a bloodthirsty vicious creature, that hunts those alone in the forest. Whether these rumors are true, Finnic himself has never confirmed. In recent years, Finns’ deep magic-infused core was able to adapt to the size of the planet, giving him the ability to shrink down into a humanoid form. This form, although convenient at times, is much weaker and more vulnerable than his natural wolf state. However, in his human form, Finn can actually speak, he cannot when a wolf.


The true number of Amarok left is unknown, but Finnic believes it’s less than fifteen, now. Whether or not many of them survived going off-world, he isn’t certain. But the last he physically witnessed, there weren’t many of them left. With his time on Hellifyno, Finnic changed, he became someone who killed for sport, to keep himself entertained and busy. With the way of his kind lost and his entire race almost extinct, Finnic had given up on any sort of future for himself. This doesn’t mean he can’t have one, but he truly believes the chances are slim if not none. It’s never been stated aloud, but Finnic always remembers his mother and what she wanted for him. How she wanted her son to find peace, happiness, and love somewhere. Because unknown to Finnic, his mother and father were prime examples of the Amarok breaking certain tradition. But alas, a story for another day.



Interests: A Vampiress; Sascha (main arc)


Orientation: Heterosexual


Relationship Status: Single  (OOCWill Separately Ship In PMs)


Offspring: None


Finnic can be identified as a heterosexual, though he has never had any experience in relationships. As an Amarok, there is a natural instinct to mate and carry on his bloodline, but with the rapid decline in Amarok numbers, he’s pretty much given up on this instinctual need. Finn has never experienced ‘love’ as an emotion, only in the limits of animal instinct for having offspring, so it’s hard to gauge how he would respond to figuring this emotion out. It is safe to assume that his protective nature would take precedence for those he comes to care for, over anything – even his own life.


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