The BeggER


~Please note that this character is STILL in development. ^^; And that what I use here as art is made by me! Her bio is also copied from the Deviant reference sheet I made her, but may change things here and there. 

Also know that this character has panic disorders, expresses unintentional self-harm, and may be triggering. If I do trigger you with my character, I am greatly sorry, but please don’t take her seriously. As like everyone else’s profile, she is just a character.

Thank you to those who read!~


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Full Name: Eden Mariann K.


Nickname(s): BeggER, Edy, Mari

{More will be added}


Known Name: ” The BeggER”


How Did They Get This Name and Why: When she was a more talkative person back then, she would be the type of girl who would beg to do something or to get something. She begged to be teacher’s assistant through her middle school and early highschool years so that she could show her aunt how she was able to do something. Of course, she’d beg for other needs just to try and impress her aunt, and sooner or later, her classmates began calling her, “The BeggER” They even wrote it on the board in red chalk, misspelling it on purpose, since… Even if Eden was a smart girl, her spelling was never really the best… Her classmates used it as an advantage against her.  In other words, her nickname was simply a death threat.


Gender: Female


Age: 15-17 {Rumored to be dead around the age of 15} 


Date of Birth: March. 13. 1955



Overall: (Main Personality): She is normally quiet with a simple smile on her face. She rarely speaks, but that doesn’t mean she cannot talk, she just chooses to not speak, or pretends that she is a mute. Normally, she would simply follow the person looking after her with a polite smile on her face. In this state, she is normally… Blank, showing no other emotion except her “Kind” and “Polite” smile. It’s what gives others the slight chill of her being… creepy.

Who Am I...

I am someone who is split in two…

My Story Is...

“..A bit complicated… I simply got… Tired of… Those cats in the neighborhood…”

My Appearance


Height:  5’3


Weight: 42.184 kg (93 pounds)


Hair color: Brown or dark red on the very outside layer. Black fading to light brown in the inside layer.


Hairstyle: A simple straight cut hairstyle that only has a strange messy left side (Her POV) to cover her left ear. It is then tied up in back to give her that “simple look.”


Eye color: Pale purple?


Scars/Weird Marking(s): One around her neck, which seems like faint strangle marks from a certain event.


Birthmark: On the back of her neck, hidden under her choker.


Skin: Pale


Clothing/Style: She has a simple possibly old timey clothing style. Her clothing is made up of a simple school uniform that has a long knee-passing skirt, a button up shirt, kneesocks, school shoes, and a short sleeved sweater or vest blanketing over her button up. She also wears a choker to hide her scar around her neck, and for some reason wears a matching ankle bracelet on her left ankle.


Physical Disorder/Disability: Her left ear was torn off roughly, and due to a certain… Incident, and with another incident happening after the other, she can’t really hear out of her left ear.


Never Seen Without: A simple smile on her face.

My Secrets Are...



,¡??p??q ??? ??o ?u?ll?? p??p ??’plno?s ?,


“Love you, Spots.. I’ll never let anything hurt you.. Promise…”