• @unnamed1 In silent contemplation, the bell ringer watched Asoka from a comfortable distance as she tended to her wounds. The boy didn’t talk much. The reasons for this were rather obvious. A life-time of quiet servitude had silenced his tongue. This, coupled with deafness had made speech rather difficult for the poor soul. He could speak rather…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 Unfortunately for the bell ringer, he did not possess even a mere shred of Asoka’s confidence. What little esteem had once been built during that innocence of childhood had been lost and stamped out years ago by his master’s teachings. Strict, daily mantras of self-hatred and loathing had been burned deep into the boy’s mind since his…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 With sympathy and uncertainty, he looked at Asoka with a cautious gaze. His brow contorting into a worried frown, both at what she suggested and the wound she had been inflicted with. He wanted to help her, but disobedience would not come at a merciful price. It never had.
    The choice in question would not be easily made by the bell…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 Her words and presence did confuse him greatly. But more shockingly, was the implication she made by the words, “I did not give him a chance“.
    Did she…kill his master?
    True, the bell ringer feared his master greatly. Though as cruel as he was, the deformed servant would never wish harm upon him. Not knowingly. He was too kind and naive…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 Up until a few recent moments, the bell ringer would not have been alerted to her presence at all. When Asoka saw him, he was staring anxiously into the night from his place on the balcony. Jaw propped up on his hand; seemingly in deep thought. Or as deep as a creature such as he was capable of. 
    That vanilla scent was lost on him…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 It all happened so fast. The lethal kiss, her sultry words….and the soft yet defiant parting words she had given him before taking her leave. His mind was in such a fog, he had barely comprehended it. In fact, not soon after she had left the room the Archdeacon had lost consciousness, only to awaken many hours later. Thankfully, the…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 All his life, the Archdeacon had been warned of demons such as her. As a child he was told by priests with stern voices that he must at all times, remain vigilant in the presence of women. For they can ensnare a man with black magic before he can even hope to escape. All of his teachings had come racing back to his mind in an instant,…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 The Archdeacon was now so eager to put her in his bed, he had barely noticed when the room first became dark. Indeed, his eyes had been closed as he had kissed her and fondled her with longing hands. Longing to touch so much more than her partially clothed form. He had been so nearly ready to take her…but he would have noticed the…[Read more]

  • There were no mirrors in the Bell Tower of Notre Dame.
    There never had been and there never will be.
    It wasn’t until long after he had been put to work to ring the bells every day when Quasimodo first looked upon

  • @unnamed1 Oh, she didn’t have to fret over that. She would have more than her fill of his hands once he was through with her. But there was something joyfully lethal about using a weapon such as this in a seductive manner. “I would very much like to see more of you….without delay.” Frollo explained while running a finger over the tip of the…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 The absence of fear in her eyes did not repel the Archdeacon. In fact, it only served to further attract him to her. In fact, there was something dangerously lovely about a woman who did not show fear. He knew not why he became so easily attracted to such strong and defiant females. Perhaps the idea of a woman who was always slipping…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 The bell ringer shut the door loudly behind them; the bang echoed through the halls of the great, ancient Cathedral. It was only a matter now of climbing a small staircase and then a right turn through a slightly open door into his master’s chambers.
    The Archdeacon of Notre Dame wore a heavy, serious expression. His countenance just as…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 Reading lips was normally not a problem for the bell ringer. He had become rather skilled at it over the past several years (though not by choice). However, a sliver of doubt passed over his mind when she told him to take her to his master. Why, not a few seconds earlier she seemed completely uncooperative and unwilling to go comply. And…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 It was difficult for the bell ringer to not become afraid by the hostility and disgust in her voice. The bell ringer wrongly assumed that she was simply afraid of him and was becoming antagonistic to hide her fear. It was a reaction he had come across one or two times before and become accustomed to. He had been struck and cursed at by…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 (Not to worry, dear. It went through.)
    The sudden force of attack had startled the bell ringer. No one as of yet had fought back so viciously. He had made quick, silent work of the last victims. But this one had been so dangerously underestimated, he briefly wondered if this would be his last night among the living.
    Ah, she wasn’t…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 Silence was certainly not one of the bell ringer’s virtues. And being deaf had not allowed him to become quieter. It only ensured that he would never know how loud or soft is footsteps were. And though he tried his best, Asoka would have most definitely heard his heavy, uneven steps as he stalked her from the shadows. Especially if she…[Read more]

  • @unnamed1 The Cathedral at night took on the hellish form of jagged stone monsters. If one was good at pretending, the bell ringer looked like just another saint or gargoyle carved into this saintly castle of stone. When he sat still, perched upon one of those high ledges, he might as well have been.
    With one good eye, the deformed creature could…[Read more]