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    @unnamed1 All his life, the Archdeacon had been warned of demons such as her. As a child he was told by priests with stern voices that he must at all times, remain vigilant in the presence of women. For they can ensnare a man with black magic before he can even hope to escape. All of his teachings had come racing back to his mind in an instant, but it was now too late. The door locked, the room windowless. This chamber which he had used many times for his own pleasure had now become a prison for his pain.
    Sweaty hands clambered over the wall at his back, in an effort to keep himself standing. His strength was failing him. The dagger which seemed to slip so easily out of his hand was the final proof of that. He was not in control. A look of paralyzing fear overcame Claude’s face. All that he had feared had suddenly come true and at such a terrifying speed that he was helpless to control it. Not that he could. Asoka was clearly too much a force for him to even comprehend, much less defend himself against.
    And then the blade pierced his gut. Unannounced and very sudden. The Archdeacon let out a loud cry of agony. He could keep himself standing no longer and fell to his knees. The pain was too great. Once she had removed the blade, he looked down at his wound which was now bleeding quite heavily. He pressed his hands against it, trying to stop the rupture of blood which was pouring out of him in a small, trickling stream. His breathing had become rushed and panicked. He could not recall a time, not even one instant where he had felt so powerless. It was terribly unusual to be looking up into someone’s eyes and not the other way around. Still clutching his wound, he eyed the knife down below and then his dark eyes met with hers once more. Overtaken by so many emotions which he could scarcely place, his lips trembled in fear for a moment before he finally managed to speak. “Y….yes…” The answer had been reluctant, but it was an agreement to her terms nonetheless. “P…please….spare me, sorceress. I…I swear before God….I will do what you ask of me…” He muttered, almost breathlessly. He almost couldn’t believe he had resorted to begging.
    But it seems he did not have a choice.
    It was unnecessary to say that Asoka had managed to invoke such fear within the Archdeacon, he dared not provoke her further. Though in the far, dark corners of his mind, a plan for revenge was already brewing.
    He simply didn’t know it yet.

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