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    @unnamed1 Silence was certainly not one of the bell ringer’s virtues. And being deaf had not allowed him to become quieter. It only ensured that he would never know how loud or soft is footsteps were. And though he tried his best, Asoka would have most definitely heard his heavy, uneven steps as he stalked her from the shadows. Especially if she had been listening for him.
    He had been lucky with other, unfortunate victims before. They had been so preoccupied with themselves, by the time he had them over his shoulder and had taken off into the night, it was far too late to even scream for help. And of course, the shock of looking upon such a hideous kidnapper was often enough to make them faint, making Quasimodo’s job much easier.
    For one reason or another, he didn’t expect that Asoka would accept defeat so easily. No. Somehow, she seemed different. Not at all like the helpless and fragile victims he had ensnared in the past. If she proved to be more than a match for him, he was certain he could find an easier target to acquire. But there was no harm in trying. Namely due to the undesirable inevitability that his master would reprehend him mostly harshly if he returned empty handed.
    He had temporarily lost her. Following a victim at night was difficult. Doing so while being deaf and half blind was even more of a tribulation. His one seeing eye scanned the darkness of the alley and found nothing. If she had eluded him somehow, she was certainly at an advantage: she could hear him coming.
    Slowly, tentatively…the bell ringer stepped forwards down the alley. Fist raised, breath held; he came around the corner of the wall at the end of it, hoping to find her there. But when he did, he would not have expected her to have been armed. A most unfortunate mistake, indeed.

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