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Call me Thoryn…slayer of Beasts.



Who Am I...


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My Story Is...

It was during a stormy night…in a small Village on the edge of Iceland. It was..many..many years ago. My Parents..Drogon a raider and farmer…my mother also Shieldmaiden and Farmer showed me the light of this life. I wasn’t to diffrent growing up. Yes i was rather…enegetic..and..talented. But..i was like you and me. So i grew up a normal child until the fateful age of eighteen where i would acompany my Parents and our Jarl to a big expedition! It was my chance to prove myself! It led us deep west, to an unknown land. A land said to be Hel itself. Days past till we saw land again. Tired and thirsty we finally made it ashore only to be greeted by a bunch of..savages? They had bones in their skin, wore nothing but loincloths. I gotta admit it looked pretty nice on some of them but…others. Anyway..! Bold as we were we of course prepaired to fight but our Jarl intervened. Instead he tried out communication. Thought it would be stupid back then, but you see somehow he got us into their City. Deep in this vast Forrest, something i have never seen in my life before lied their Golden City. Ruled by some..weird fat man sitting in his Golden chair we were interduced. They seem very hospital at first, giving us food..shelter. Even gold to hold. That was until ..screams. Screams of tormented souls rang through the City! Me and the warriors ran out of our huts only to face the towns population, painted like Skelletons, whistling skull shaped whistles that sounded like tormented souls! And by Odin this had to be Hel! Quickly we got a hold of our weapons but since we were so suprised we failed to fall into formation and were overun. They took Skaali and Branwulf at first. Two of my best friends..then they draged the rest of us to their Pyramid. In chains as their fat King gestured at the Priest. He whom weirdly wandered around us. Huming his melody. All while the natives began to hit the ground with their spears in near union… This priest he..he seemed diffrent from the rest. His skin was green, and his eyes glowing red…whatever demon it was it had something in mind. Suddenly that cranky old finger it it pointed at me and a grin formed on it’s face. I tried to fight them off but four of their warriors fixated me on that altar! With a Knife in hand that Priest slowly approached the Altar…the drums and spears who previously filled the air. Completely silent. No voice was’s…a unique expirience. In that moment i smiled torwards my parents giving them a last nod before i closed my eyes. praying to the gods to allow at least survive. Then i heared it. A place piercing flesh. pain. Was i already dead? Was this a dream? I opened my eyes to see my Parents..both lying over my chest..bleeding..screaming. Sacraficing their life to save me..suddenly the altar glew and the Priest began to curse in some odd tongue. My parents falling to ash until this streamed into my body. Scaly tattoos covering my body , my senses hightening greatly. Overcome with grief and rage i tried my hardest to get up and ..strange as it was the rope snaped like grass. The green skined priest trying to escape while the KIng screamed for his warriors, one after another charging at me. I swear..i fought my way through them! Bare handed! Their weapons shattering at my skin, their faces breaking under my fists and boots ! Something had happened with me..and i did not know what.

After a long battle i managed to free them, but the Priest escaped. I suggested we chase after him but the Men insisted on us going back to the Ships. And so we did. On our way there..before us however. Stood the priest. With an Amulet in hand, quickly i tried to charge at him but for some reason this..chanting and that amulet froze me..and the next thing i know im falling through some odd whirl of lights. When i finally hit solid ground i found myself sorrounded by oddly dressed man..pale milky skins..white..curly hair. The woman..dressed like..i don’t even know how to descripe it. Some weird weird Place..but..that’s a story for another time.

My Appearance

At 6’3 with 234ibs Thoryn was a true Warrior. Having grown since the time at that Temple he has since slightly adapted his choice of attire. Wearing a long coat and some vest over his Viking shirt pants and boots. The rest of his style was more of a messy long dark brown mane and a well cared beard. He was very fit but don’t be fooled, he was fast as well. Watchful green eyes resting on you. He was quiet the handsome Viking, even as a quiet big brutish looking figure.


As fierce as he looks Thoryn is known fur his furiosity. With the strengh to lift small buildings and snap Lions jaws in his bare hands this enhanced warrior shows great warrior prowess and a true beserkers rage when he is pushed to his limits. This however is greatly limited as he rarely meets an oponent who can push him to such a degree in the world of normal men. He himself lives very humbly wich keeps him under the radar. Or at least at that time he was living his Adult life.

Thanks to the magic enhancement he recieved his senses are strenghened to a superhuman level, allowing him to track people in quiet far distances. His strengh is also greatly altered eventho not to a level where he would break planets he could maybe punch his way through a mountain. His speed could outrun a Hawk when sprinting, coupled with great stammina this made him a formidable foe to deal with.

His transformation also allows him some level of pyromancy, creating fire out of thin air seems to be connected to the scaly tattoos on his body. It seems to only activate itself with his rage as of now.


Having fought with Axe , shields and Swords he mainly uses his bare hands. However occasionaly he still wields two axes and a hunting knife he carries around himself.

I Believe...

That the Gods have a plan for me!



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