I'm Machi

Who Am I...

I'm Machi

My Story Is...

Can you help me find my dad?

My Appearance

A glorified wind-up doll, hardly sophisticated enough to be called a robot.

Small and childlike, reaching just under three feet tall. Made of copper and iron that was once painted to resemble porcelain, but has since chipped away to reveal the metal underneath. Slight rusting and oxidation, dings and scratches indicate a long existence. Eyes are pupiless, large, and amber in color, and can be seen glowing in dim light.
Spindly arms and legs, small puppet mouth, curved triangular shapes attached to the sides of the head. A built in drawer in the stomach houses a fully functioning music box. Completed with a wind-up key that generates a constant ticking noise while it turns.

Covered with tattered lengths of faded red fabric, secured with yellow sashes around the arms and waist. A gaudy signet ring is tied tight around the neck with a thin purple ribbon.


Various knives, a small fortune in out-of-date currency, a pan flute, a set of fine lockpicks rusted beyond all usefulness, playing cards, trick playing cards, fortune-telling cards, playing dice, weighted playing dice, a wire garrote, a compact sewing kit, a miniature chess set.