Sinclair Alkins

Who Am I...

Sinclair Alkins, just a regular human with an interest in supernatural beings.

My Appearance

Ashen, straight hair neatly coiffured to reveal a sculpted, anguished face. Hooded lilac eyes, set charmingly within their sockets, watch thoughtfully over the woodlands he’s come to love for so long. A large beard elegantly compliments his eyes and leaves a delightful memory of his fortunate looks, just below laid a white cotton long sleeve shirt thats tucked beneath a brilliant red set of patchwork trousers, his muddied boots and a single empty bandolier  that wrapped his waist attached to it is a pistol holster that comfortably holds a set of ivory drum sticks.
There’s something fascinating about him, perhaps it’s his composure or perhaps it’s simply his sense of justice, now that he’s been redeemed by an odd fellow.


A twin set of delicately engraved Ivory drum sticks made from <Redacted information> in the early 18th century by <Redacted> these were gifts to him by an old friend.

My Secrets Are...
I Believe...

The forest hides it's secrets