Belial BlackCross

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“The Devil made me do it? The Devil merely offered me a choice and im the one who made the decision. You see? The Devil doesnt make us do anything. He only shows us the gates of hell, we’re the ones that decide whether or not to walk through it.”

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“A beast dressed in the black cloth of the dead and heralded by a chorus of requiem bells and mournful souls. Unto him has been granted the power to tempt men and women into sin and wicked deeds. Enticing them into walking from the grace of The Lord through acts of violence, adultery, and indulgence. Belial Blackcross Commands 42 legions of Damned souls and rotting corpses, wherever he treads, their mournful cries can be felt, weighing upon the soul like heavy cornerstone. Caution is advised to the sorcerer that makes contact with him. For he is a crafty devil, speaking in false thruths and enticing words selected to trap and ensnare those he deals with with promises of all the earthly pleasures of the world. Though, if the conjurer is strong of will and steadfast in their purity, he can be made to serve them. Teaching the sorcerer all the musical splendor oh heaven and earth and instructing them in the art of song in its entirety. Once the sorcerer is satisfied, they must be sure to properly banish Belial back to his tomb else he will seek retribution.


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Belial Blackcross, tempter of men’s souls, defiler of the pure, and one Hell of a musician. It is not known who he was in life. The only thing that remains are the emotions left behind from forgotten memories and trauma’s. Even Belial has forgotten his true name, for that is what was taken from him when the deal was made. What deal you ask? Simple. To be a musician so great that he could command even the dead to dance before him. So? The devil granted him such power and bestowed unto Belial all the musical knowledge under heaven and earth.  With such powers, of course, came fame and fortune and admiration until the day of his death when the devil came to take hold of Belial’s soul.



Of course, nothing is ever so simple when dealing with devils and demons. Belial now serves the infernal planes and hellscape as a tempter and collector of mortal souls. Forever followed and haunted by those he leads into damnation with him. The requiem bells and chorus of moaning remorseful whisper cry not in eulogy for Belial or even themselves. No, they lament for those whom have yet to cross his path. For when meeting Belial, to listen to his song, to stand in his presence, is to face the very vision of damnation itself.

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Whether it's one sin or a million we all go to hell