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{What name do they call when they scream for mercy?}
Tazul Otcela
{How many seasons have you gone without being lynched?}
Appears to be in her early to mid twenties
{What’s the shade of your blood, girlie?}
{What kind of place raises monsters like you?}
Apyous, Greece
{Could anyone love you?}
{Whatcha got up your sleeve?}
Claws, unstable shape shifting to limited forms, endurance
{I wanna see you weak at the knees, bitch…}
Cranked up Volume

{Spread your legs?}
{How far do I have to go to make you stretch?}
Five feet, eight inches
{I like them curvy, are you?}
Appears to be a healthy weight, much heavier when picked up
{What lens do you see the world through?}
Sun-faded denim
{And what’s the colour of the reins?}
White, with undertones of blue and gray, similar to the moon.
{You should take your clothes off.}
Typically does not conform with ‘normal’ attire of any given time period.
{Where do you hoard your metal?}
Nipples, labia, outer helix (15x per ear)
{What stains inhabit your flesh?}
None. Extensive scarification. Hands, face, neck, and lower legs untouched.
Scars above knee appear to have been done in a different style, and are not as severe as those above.


{Who gives a damn? Looks are all that matter.}
Pleasant enough as a first impression, quickly dissolving into manipulative behavior, loyal to a fault.
{Who’s war are you fighting, idiot?}
The right one.
{How do you pay for your drugs?}
Jack of all Trades, with limited skills in many things, refinement in few.
{What is it that you say? That thing that you say to make yourself sound smart..}
“If the Devil punishes those who are wicked and wrong, why do you say he is evil?”

Theme Song: David Guetta “She Wolf”