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?Hi my name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive better known as the Flash ?
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Hey if you wanna be my friend send me a request I accepted has fast I possibly can. don’t be shy  if you want to roleplay  just tell me and I do whatever I can to make it fun and logical xd  and I apologize if I take too long to answer …  it because I’m doing something but late or not I will answer you anyway  so ….., Lets role play
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When I was a kid my mother was murdered in front of my eyes by a man in a yellow  suit   and my father was blamed for  the murder of my mother  and he was taken to Iron Heights the prison of Central City  in order to prove that my dad is innocent I became the best CSI in the city  and I also wanted to prove that the impossible was possible one day I realized that helping  my father was not enough  so I started  to help other innocent people who needed me using my skills as a CSI
One night I was in my job trying to solve the case of my mother there was a storm in Central City a bolt of lightning passes through the window of my office and hits me  and let me on the ground that is what gave me my powers

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After waking up from a 9 months coma I realized that something strange was happening everything seems to be  slower …. then I realize that  I was the one going so fast that everyone seemed to be  going at slow motion so I started to use my new powers to fight against crime prevent disasters from happens and much more
the people in Central City started to notice that someone was helping them so they began to call me the  Flash

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Access to the Speed Force grants:

Super speed
Molecular density control
Time travel
Cyclone and high wind generation
Speed theft
Frictionless aura
Supercharged brain activity
Probability prediction
Enhanced strength, endurance, agility, and healing process
Velocity sharpened perceptions
Accelerated reflexes
Ultra-fast metabolism

Romantic Interests

(Supergirl/ crush) women

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