The German Soldier


I’ll rp whatever.

Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

Anime, well… kind of it :/

Relationship Status

Single ;_;

My Story Is...

I’ll rp whatever, and I’ll listen and what not. Important stuff I’m too lazy to type.

My Appearance

German WWII uniform (not SS), Those leather pants they wear that I don’t know the name of, Leather gloves, Those high boots they wear I also don’t know the name of, and a German Stahlhelm (Steel helmet).


A Gewerhr 98, Luger P-O8, Med kit, Ammo, Combat knife, Goggles, Shovel (or portable shovel), Phone, Radio, and a flashlight and batteries. (I’m prepared >:3)

My Secrets Are...

(btw this is rp stuff not real things, well would this be for actual secrets? I don’t know I’ll just say rp) My great grandpa was in the SS, Grew up believing Jews are bad, and my real (rp) name is Adelhelm Schäfer

I Believe...

In stuff