Anastasia Hall

Intro Video


The world has ended, the apocalypse has passed and for the first time ever there is world peace. Large towns are a rare thing to come across, there are no real leaders, no kings, sometimes a council but most of the time the whole town or tribe just votes and talks to each other. people are able to connect to each other more easily now that everyone listens and that there isn’t anything to fight over. they work together and some nomads just travel the world.

Who Am I...

no one really important, descovered that long ago but i'm ok with it

My Story Is...

I was born like anyone else, grew up, went to school and now I don’t know what to do with my life. I found this land a long time ago and now I’m just exploring it and living off the generosity and charity of others. I don’t hold any special powers.

My Secrets Are...

Who she is