Leo Adnachiel

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Leo Adnachiel

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My Story Is...

Not much is known about Leo Adnachiel. He was always a mysterious person and always seems to where his gas mask to avoid recognition from others. What is known is that he was forced from his home after a group of gang members set it on fire killing his entire family. He suffered from smoke inhalation which is the other reason why he wears his mask and never seems to take it off. He is a very isolated person and likes to keep to himself most of the time. It’s very rare that he even acknowledges anybody else because of the trust issues he has. He just wanders around most time and has seemed to make his home anywhere he can find that’s livable. Which means he spends a lot of time in taverns and inns. He opens part of his mask when he wants to eat or drink but makes sure nobody can see his horrifically deformed face. He is known to be some kind of hybrid between celestial and human and can travel between both planes of existence. He is very powerful when tested and won’t hesitate to attack if provoked.

My Appearance

Anime boy uploaded by TheTrueNeverLand on We Heart It

Leo stands at 6’7″


his fists and the gifts the celestial side of his family gave him, and his gas mask that lets him breath in any environment

My Secrets Are...

nobody has seen him without his mask