The Jerricksons

Who Am I...

We are family

Romantic Interests

Alistra Windsorrow & No One

Relationship Status

Married & 4 Singles

My Appearance

Jerrick: Salt and Pepper Hair, Silver Eyes, Hickory Colored Skin, Standing 6’6″ Tall, with a muscular physique, and a scar running from just below his left brow to just above his left cheek.

Jeremiah: Snow White Hair, Ruby Red Eyes, Teakwood Colored Skin, 7’6″ Tall, with a body that looks as if it were carved from the side of a mountain.

Jackson: Smoke Grey Hair, Topaz Yellow Eyes, Walnut Colored Skin, standing 6′ Tall, with a well toned muscular physique.

Jacob: Silver Grey Hair, Amber Yellow Eyes, Walnut Colored Skin, 6′ Tall, and a muscle tone similar to Jackson, his twin.

Jerrick Jr: Pitch Black Hair, Emerald Green Eyes, Cedar Colored Skin, 5’6″ Tall, with a lean muscular build, the smallest and youngest of the four brothers.

My Secrets Are...

A close kept thing.

I Believe...

In family above all.