Wyatt E. Irving

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Always a work in progress.

18+ is fine,  both writer and character are of age.

Whatever happens along the way is fine by me,  just so long as nothing is really forced (or at least talked about before hand.)

Who Am I...

Journalist, editor, and owner of the Monthly Paradox

Romantic Interests

Pansexual, if he actually cared to think about such things.

Relationship Status

Too busy for such things.

My Story Is...

“See the world for what it really is.  Not the masks that we use everyday to hide our true natures.  Look to the world beyond the lens,  to see what is the truth.”


These words have been a guiding focus in the life of one Wyatt E.  Irving.   For most of his life he did just that.  A simple life in a small town where little ever happened.  Having a knack for finding that which was hidden or what others did not want found he found himself following a path towards journalism.  Using the power of word, research and a keen eye to sniff out interesting stories.  Straight forward and focused he spent the better part of his youth playing at investigator,  even joining the school paper in high school.  All the way till college this continued.  Up until the day he received a letter from his uncle.


A mysterious letter from a man he barely knew.  Telling him that the world he had seen till now was nothing more then only half the truth.  If Wyatt wished to learn more about the world as it really was then he could visit and all would be laid bare.  This would be his first encounter with the super natural.  The uncle,  Josef was a bit of an eccentric.  His manor housed works of art from every era,  items dig up from long lost civilizations.   Each as fascinating as the last. All of it was at Wyatt’s to use, for study and to learn the true nature of the world.  An agreement was quickly reached between the two and thus started his years of study within the manners walls.


From occult magic to beings that veiled themselves away from the world.  He learned about them all.  How to talk to them,  break bread with them,  and yes even how to protect himself from them.   Items within the manor gifted him with their power once he learned how to ask.  Still he preferred to talk, listen and try to understand in opposition to simply fighting.  A difference that the two did not see eye to eye upon.  Instead of keeping them hidden from the world,  Wyatt instead wished to share the supernatural with the mundane.  Would the world not be a better place?   So despite his uncle’s wishes he would not become a great monster slayer and set out on his own.


With little more then the clothes on his back he set out.  Determined to find a way to meet with those that the world did not understand.  There was only one way to do it as well.  Securing a loan he gathered the equipment needed and started his own magazine.  The Monthly Paradox.   Few believed him yet he had always a good nose for sniffing out a story.  With time he managed to actually find creatures that he could talk with,  so that he could share their story with the world.  Feeling empowered he set off once more.  Always seeking the next story that the strange world might bring him.  Though he will often take in free lance projects for other presses to help make ends meet.  A bit eccentric himself,  he stubbornly refuses to give up.  Going to great lengths to track down and publish any story that catches his eye.





Wyatt has been trained in the occult.  From black magic to demonic rituals.  Initially his training was in the art of using such abilities for harm.  So that he could fight monsters at his uncle’s behest.  However being a more gentle soul, as well as one who’s curiosity tended to get the best of him.  Such he more uses those skills to aid others as best he can.  Still he has a wide range of spells at his disposal.  Most are associated to the items that he has in his possession.


While he is trained in ritualistic,  black and metaphysics magic.  Wyatt follows the path of the medium.  Having always had an almost sixth sense of the world about him,  this was do to being sensitive to the spiritual world.  Over time he learned to talk to and see those spirits.  This gives him an ability to see traces upon objects or even places where the spirits of others has passed.  And though he may not enjoy the prospect as much he has learned to communicate with those who have passed on.

My Appearance

Often called youthful in appearance,  he has always been thought to be younger then he actually is.  Despite that he is in his twenties.  The youth of his features might have some call him handsome but he was never one to care.  As he will go days without brushing the unruly mop of brown hair atop his head.  Either by blessing or curse he is also not really able to grow facial hair.  Not beyond a five o clock shadow.  Emerald colored eyes complete the look.


Average in a lot of ways Wyatt is neither overly tall or muscular.  Standing at only five foot, eleven inches.  Thanks to his lifestyle however he is in good shape,  always on the move.   Even though he may have an unkempt appearance he does take some pride in his hygiene and thus keeps himself clean.


Whatever he has at hand is the clothing of the day.  More often then not they consist of jeans and a t-shirt.  The only items that one will rarely see the make without are his trademark jacket.  A long duster of green inlaid with purple,  in the center of which is a giant opened eye.  The words “Monthly Paradox”. Surround the eye.  The second item is the shoulder bag he keeps his items within.  Seeming almost bottomless he stores all manner of things from pen and paper to items of the occult that he has found along the way.


Bag of many things.  The shoulder bag has seen a lot of use.  Covered in patches from tears that range from all the places he has been.  Inside is a treasure trove of things.  Holy water, salt, chalk,  a camera,  pen, paper,  a rubber chicken,  just about everything but the kitchen sink.   Never one to leave it far behind he usually keeps it on him or very close by.  As inside are also a few of implements he took from his uncle’s manor.  Artifacts that help him channel the magic he learned from those ancestral ghosts.  Most are harmless to any who do not know their value.  Still he guards them along with the other contents of the bag.  As they are really his only true possessions.

My Secrets Are...

I run a magazine that prints supernatural findings.  Do you actually think I keep secrets?  Well you would be right but everyone is entitled to a few pairs of dirty socks under the bed.

I Believe...

In discovering the truth.