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A Force of Goodness and Love

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On a distant world near a bright blue star, there was a grand and fabulous empire that was coming to an end due to a bloody civil war. The rich had gotten too rich, the poor had gotten too poor, and the powerful military had been split in half based on who they sided with. However just or unjust, the nobles were losing, and so, rather than give up and resign themselves to violent beheading, they decided to evacuate the planet, launching life-ships out into the cosmos, destined to lead a life of pure, automated bliss for generations until a suitable planet could be found.


But, rushed as the project was, discord soon spread among these ships as well. The rich were not stuck with only each other, and as systems undoubtedly failed, so did the facade of civility. As they began to tear themselves apart only a year into their cosmic cruise, fighting for survival, one family stole away and launched themselves into the void on a lifeboat and activated an emergency beacon, hoping they’d be found before long as they entered cryogenic sleep.


They were not found. They drifted through the dark on their own, until the lifeboat crashed onto a distant, strange world. Sadly, the parents’ pods failed, leaving the baby orphaned, but she was thankfully found by the leadership of the small, tropical island nation of Osprea she landed on, and was taken in by the royal family that ruled it, ensuring her a life of comfort.



Soon, it became apparent that the alien girl was different; she was inherently strong, powerful to no end, and as her confidence and beauty grew, so did her strength. Men and women alike in the kingdom lusted after her and adored her for her giving spirit. After the passing of his wife, the king came to fear her power of the people, and plotted against her, planning on having her killed in her sleep by setting fire to her bedchambers.


Unfortunately for him, fire could not burn her. With only the slightest grief in her heart, she took the man who raised her’s life, seized control of a land that loved her to no end, and gave it back to the people.


What do they call her? Her name matters little – she is, eternally, just The Beloved Lady of Osprea.


My Appearance


This is a woman of supple, well rounded beauty. Silky blonde hair the color of bright noon sunshine glitters on her head, while hazel brown eyes stare out with a kindness and strength beyond compare. Though not overly tall, she’s got a commanding presence given her curvy, immaculately sculpted frame that conveys a sense of softness, but also amazing strength as well. Her face has a kind of girlish youth to it while also being more than mature enough to show that this is indeed a woman, not a girl, at the age of 23.



Superhuman Self-Confidence – By nature, the Lady possesses what some would call an unhealthy level of hubris or pride in herself, her abilities, her status, her power, etc. While not entirely narcissistic, it is this unwavering spirit of her’s that makes her ultimately capable of what she is. If her confidence breaks or wavers, her powers diminish greatly.


Superhuman Strength & Invulnerability – While her confidence is at its peak, the Lady has very little difficulty handling strenuous tasks, as she has what appears to be incalculable strength on her best day. She’s also highly resistant to damage, enduring bullets fired her way, rockets, blades, and more.


Social & Sexual Magnetism – Without realizing it, the Lady possesses both a latent psychic field around her personage that taps into the minds of those around her and nudges them down the path of just adoring her; while it can’t shake the sturdiest of minds, even those that don’t care for her at the start may find she’s still a lovely creature to look at, find her voice pleasing to the ear, and even desire her sexually. Coupled with natural pheromones that only double this effect, the Lady comes across as a social butterfly that others are at least willing to listen to, if not follow.

I Believe...

Better To Be Loved, Than Feared