Jackie 'The Rat'

Intro Video


Pm me and if I have the time and/or remeber to check we can get something done, eh?

Who Am I...

A Hellifyno native who's exceptionally skilled with knives.

Romantic Interests

Anyone with a knack for attracting monsters.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

A Hellifyno native from the Olde Watch town, He hangs around Red Sun Inn with hopes of tracking down the mysterious Rouges and possibly joining them.


My Appearance

After 3-4 weeks in Persistence, he settled with somewhat messy, jet black hair, his chissled, wiry beard, wearing bandages that cover most of his arms and legs instead of gloves and boots for a bit of extra speed, a simple black shirt, and some deep navy blue trousers.


He is a knife thrower after all, so he keeps knifes tucked in every nook and cranny he has without cutting himself. He also has a few fistfuls of mixed coin in a loose pouch around his waist for supplies in Olde Watch.

My Secrets Are...

He has a habit of pressing his forhead against someone instead of hugging them. He’s also called Rat or just Jackie by his friends in Olde Watch- some of the youngsters there even started calling him ‘Old man’ which is an extreme compliment on his behalf, because that was the nickname he called Robinson, the guy who raised him.

I Believe...

Everyone is second best; there is always someone better than you.