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A needle is pointed at the reader, as a simple question is asked: “Friendly?” Behind a pale mask, and red cloak hides a being, unknown. Only half the size of a regular human being, did lead to some ambiguous thought as to what this nameless creature might be. The string from the small weapon was waving around her small body, as the dark eyes glared fiercely. Next phrase now might sound more demanding : “Food!”

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Coming from Hallownest as someone who seeks valor, yet to be named being walks these strange lands of Hellifyno. Trying to be like her hero, she viewed adoringly back at the bug filled land, she now seeks to conquer the world with her might. To be the one, for which statues are built.


But as sadly as it might sound, who would build a statue for a cockroach or a cricket? Fueled by nothing, but her strong sense of purpose, and meaning, She now roams the lands. Thus fare having learned only basics of how customs work in these lands. At least she knows to ask first and act later.


Shameless verbal acts might seem too extravagant to some. Simple approach to her are the best, but to some it might spell trouble, if not double. So what’s it gonna be. Will you side with this hero? Or will you look for an easy kill?


For a time being, Nonami was nameless. Indeed, a nameless creature. But then that faithful day came, where she met a stranger named Majin Cain. As she was asked a name, she responded. “No name, just me!” Being the genius creature, he was, deduction went as follows: “No name?”, “Noname…” “Nonami!” And thus the small creature accepted that as her new name, since there was expectation for food at that point, since this was Cheyenne’s birthday.


On that magical day, Nonami learned the magic of sugar! See, until that point she only recognize bugs as food, but unable to comprehend, that anything else was edible, she did pester, a robotic model, EIRA, until, it was Majin Cain, Again! He who suggested to ask for Cake instead of just food. That day, was the reason for a massive food hangover for the little creature. But alas! Cake is the new black now! So if you ever find yourself at the point of Nonami’s needle, curse the gods, if you didn’t bring a cake that day!


Still reading, my dear viewer? Good. Couple weeks had passed, until Cain sent a letter to Nonami, luring her towards a treasure. Within a cave, of a mountain near Persistence, where the host had made his home, Cain provided a gift for Nonami. Sin empowerment, based on the cardinal sin of gluttony. Little does Nonami know here did Cain gain this power, or what did it mean to wield it. But as blindly and bravely as she always did, she did accept this gift. Only trough tremendous pain she realized what this gift truly meant.

My Appearance

Nonami, has nothing more than dark features, hidden behind a pale, horned mask, and a red cloak, that reaches down to her feet. She is only half the size of a regular human being.


<>In her hand always is the needle. A weapon, that is able to thread trough the hardest surface. May she use it to best of her abilities. Be prepared.


<>A possession of a lost, possibly stolen portal coin.


<> A pink poncho, gifted by Majin Cain for cold winters, said to be part of the said being himself.

<> Sin empowerment based on gluttony, a gift, that allows her to eat anything and in any quantities, turning the consumed matter into energy, which can be stored. Continuous consuming, allows Nonami to grow faster and stronger with every meal. In times of crisis, it is possible for her to release a tremendous amount of power, in one move, which has more devastating effect, the longer the creature collects it. Set back of it, being that the energy level resets, and renders Nonami incapable of combat and even basic movement in the same session.

Presented with the mark of “M” on her palm, this power is part of Majin Cain and also allows him to locate Nonami any time at any position.

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