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Within a world, where eyes looked down on her. Where dogmas washed over like currents of unstoppable storms, she stood tall. She, the greatest hero of Hellifyno. Proud, strong and benevolent.

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Coming from Hallownest as someone who seeks valor, yet to be named being walks these strange lands of Hellifyno. Trying to be like her hero, she viewed adoringly back at the bug filled land, she now seeks to conquer the world with her might. To be the one, for which statues are built.


But as sadly as it might sound, who would build a statue for a cockroach or a cricket? Fueled by nothing, but her strong sense of purpose, and meaning, She now roams the lands. Thus far having learned only basics of how customs work in these lands. At least she knows to ask first and act later.


Shameless verbal acts might seem too extravagant to some. Simple approach to her are the best, but to some it might spell trouble, if not double. So what’s it gonna be? Will one side with this hero? Or will they look for an easy kill?


For a time being, Nonami was nameless. Indeed, a nameless creature. But then that faithful day came, where she met a stranger named Majin Cain. As she was asked a name, she responded. “No name, just me!” Being the genius creature he was, his deduction went as follows: “No name?”, “Noname…” “Nonami!” And thus the small creature accepted that as her new name, since there was expectation for food at that point, since this was Cheyenne’s birthday.


On that magical day, Nonami learned the magic of sugar! See, until that point she only recognized bugs as food, but unable to comprehend, that anything else was edible, she did pester, a robotic model, EIRA, until, it was Majin Cain, Again! He who suggested to ask for Cake instead of just food. That day, was the reason for a massive food hangover for the little creature. But alas! Cake is the new black now! So if you ever find yourself at the point of Nonami’s needle, curse the gods, if you didn’t bring a cake that day!


Still reading, my dear viewer? Good. Couple weeks had passed, until Cain sent a letter to Nonami, luring her towards a treasure. Within a cave, of a mountain near Persistence, where the host had made his home, Cain provided a gift for Nonami. Sin empowerment, based on the cardinal sin of gluttony. Little does Nonami know here did Cain gain this power, or what did it mean to wield it. But as blindly and bravely as she always did, she did accept this gift. Only trough tremendous pain she realized what this gift truly meant.


Days passed slowly, the day Cain vanished from her life, with her hardly knowing why. By the roof beams of Blue Moon tavern she has made a small nest, recently moved and hardly disturbed by outside world. Treasures stashed, shards of mirror small coins and bird feathers. Things she found pretty and of worth, having no context as to what value things had. For thise days, she tends to appear only to scold others about lack of heroism, alwayz proudly walking her way with chin raised, no matter what other beings may say.


Then came the day of a great promise, as city of Scaleria took it’s first breath, and with tremendous luck, the Fightings Club was made. In additions a great friend, Micah was made, only for her to die in her presence, shattering her immaturity but bringing in new company: Delilah, Chaos and Nacht, as they stepped towards any trouble that may come their way, no matter little or small.

As times moved on, Nonami had gained apreciation from Ar’Elis and witnessed the rebirth of scion, but with that, as she saw her shortcomings, unable to join in the party to save Micah and witnessing many loses with her on the field, rigurous training in tactics, combat and skill followed, leading her to forced disconnection from social life, filling each moment preparing for the next time when her help may be needed. Devoting her blade for the high king, and those she holds dear, as meanwhile new faces are met, that further expand the horizon and view of the world. And still with stubborn persistence, her will to do good burns brighter than any wish. In addition she had been officially named as a sister making her a part of the Witches of the Wood by Delilah. Famously called the Cake witch, despite her lack of magical abilities. Making her officially part of the army of the night, however the terms are rather unclear as to how she operates.

Couple days passed in piece after that, as bonds were made and friendships founded, until Bright attacked. With that Nonami joined the efforts to stop the menace. Whilst Fightings Club provided weaponry, resources and shelter for most magical beings of Scaleria, in turn, to join in, she received a Jaeger suit from Rafael, in order to protect her from the Anti Magic threats. Bonds were made with Scarlett and other adventures.

However late to help the effort to save twine, due to the unknown attack location planned by Bright, she now places her efforts, and all her team to help Wintersong, that had been attacked whilst attention was averted and turned to stone. Even so, the time is ticking out. Will they manage to make it in time?

On a brighter note, during even these troubled times, friendships persisted. Having gotten in good relationships with Rega, the two now exchange letters. Whilst the Fightings Club now provide the man with special treatment due to his efforts and input, the little bug receives letters, that contain special treats, that have interesting capabilities.

My Appearance

Nonami, has nothing more than dark features, hidden behind a pale, horned mask, and a red cloak, that reaches down to her feet. She is only half the size of a regular human being. On her left hand rattles a small bracelet, woven within it were portal coins.


<>A needle: that almost always is in her hand. A weapon, that is able to thread trough the hardest surface. May she use it to best of her abilities. Be prepared.


<>Portal coins, quite possibly stolen. Woven within a bracelet, made out of a heat resistant fabric.


<> A pink poncho: gifted by Majin Cain for cold winters, said to be part of the said being himself.


<> Sin empowerment: based on gluttony, a gift, that allows her to eat anything and in any quantities, turning the consumed matter into energy, which can be stored. Continuous consuming, allows Nonami to grow faster and stronger with every meal. In times of crisis, it is possible for her to release a tremendous amount of power, in one move, which has more devastating effect, the longer the creature collects it. Set back of it, being that the energy level resets, and renders Nonami incapable of combat and even basic movement in the same session.

Presented with the mark of “M” on her palm, this power is part of Majin Cain and also allows him to locate Nonami any time at any position.


<> Hercules’s club: a weapon gained in hell itself during the 11th anniversary of Rolepages.


<>Nacht’s dagger: a gift from a teacher and a friend, known by the time as the leader of the army of the night.


<>Knick knacks: A courtesy of Fightings Club, through various trainings Nonami has learned to keep simple items that may aid her combat, several throwing knives, a mirror and a magnet.


<>Bag of Rega’s candies: Thus far containing fusions of candy and fire, darkness, water and wind. Due to Nonami’s ability to amass strength from what she eats, she can gain these abilities, which wear off once she falls asleep, until then she is unable to change these states or exit them:

–Cinnamon mode – fusion of fire, grands Nonami with a constantly burning being. The temperatures can go up to that of a sun itself, as mere touch to her can be scorching. In addition to her existing ability this grant her complete immunity to flame, however in exchange, she becomes more vulnerable to elements that can tackle it.

—Whipped cream mode –  A fusion with wind. Makes Nonami essentially an exoskeleton covered embodiment of wind. This lets her control the air around her vicinity and use it’s element to the fullest potential, in addition to her original abilities. In exchange she becomes more vulnerable to elements that may oppose it.
–Licorice mode – A fusion with darkness. Turns Nonami into a figure completely shrouded in light consuming shadow. This allows her to fuse with any place that has been hidden from light, making fighting her in dark a complete nightmare. In turn, methods against it work extremely well.

–Jelly mode – Fusion with water, Nonami becomes a pure water creation, able to merge with water bodies, change shapes, utilize water as she sees fit to colossal sizes. Once more, methods against it work especially well during this mode.


<>Jaeger suit: Gifted to her by Rafael, in times of Anti Magic attacks, she can equip herself in a crimson suit that shields her from any incoming Anti Magic attack as long as it remains functional. In addition it is capable to deflect any lesser explosive damage, fire, and smaller sized bullets.

In addition the suit provides heat vision, night vision, sound detection and a large variety of other similar visual enhancements. Hands provide a hidden chainsaw blade and a grappling hook. Fingers are available to gain a grip to latch on any surface. Legs provide good old fashion rocket boots, equipped with retractable shiv blades in heels.


Downside being that the suit limits the flexibility, and disallows Nonami use full extend of Cain’s gift and elemental candies, lest the armour breaks.

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