Acetyl The Hunter

Intro Video

Who Am I...

A Vampire of Cainhurst

Romantic Interests

No one

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was a knight of Cainhurst, trained as a high ranking vampire within the order. Well, i was until the bastards went crazy during the slaughter of Cainhurst saving themselves and leaving the children to become food, a decoy. The bloodlickers killed my daughter Yulia so i in return killed every last Cainhurst coward and bloodlicker on the premises. I’m the last remaining Knight.

My Appearance

A black tophat with a dark blood ribbon encased the tophat itself, a pale ceramic mask covered his face, the mask itself was contorted into a face to form a laughing grin, his black trenchcoat hung down to his calves a wilted red rose was pinned to his chest with a dark leather vest is undeneath the coat itself. He was wearing black trousers and leather boots.


His Chikage which means “A thousand views” is a Xiphos-Katana forged by the royal guards who protected the Vileblood queen. When the intricate, rippled engraving that spans the Chikage’s blade is imbrued with blood the sword sings in scarlet hues. However the rite eats away at the users life. A perfect weapon for the undead.

I Believe...

Death is upon us.