Robert and Bonnabelle

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I know a stone heart that is kinder than most. It doesn’t beat, but it certainly loves.

Who Am I...

A golem and human girl.

My Story Is...

A cry in a forest echoed, coming from an infant, tossed in the moss for the wild beasts to take. But luckily for the lost soul, a gentle giant had been passing the trees, to notice the small bundle of sadness. Slow in nature and rough around the edges, it took a while before the being picked the small starving child up. Was it out of boredom, kindness or simple righteousness, but with the best that it could it nursed the girl, which later from the languages of towns had learned to give them names. Robert for golem for his rubble, as Robert pointed the two names he had eavesdropped to be good and beautiful for the girl. And so their journey starts to explore.

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My Appearance

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Bonnabelle is a 13 year old girl, choosing colourful dresses over the city gray, as most of her life was spent in wild. Her hair is common brown with blue eyes to contrast. Her shy nature makes her hide behind a large brick-made golem that reaches up to thirtheen feet. Only sounds coming from it is the clicking of rocks as it moves.