Who Am I...

I am a notourious theif, I onece stole 170 million from the Stock Exchange.

Romantic Interests

I have none.

My Story Is...

When I turned 10, I started to develop a love for crime shows and old mob bosses like Al Capone. At the age of 21, I commited my first crime when I knocked off a Gas Station. By age 34, I pulled my notourious crime when I stole 170 million from the Stock Exchange. Obviously it happened with a group of guys, don’t know what happened to em’. And here I am today, a millionare.

My Appearance

I have blonde hair, blue eyes, I am muscular, I am also white.


I own a M116 Ar, drive a Midnight Blue lambo as well as a red Bughatii, and live in a Italian villa.

My Secrets Are...

My only secret is that I am the one of the guys that knocked off the stock exchange, 6 years ago.

I Believe...

that I can never be caught, as long as I dont get too cocky.