Aaohtep Nephtis {Nefertiti }

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If you do not know then You do not need to know.

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She ruled a kingdom then they turned on her.


Aao was known as Bast. A protector of the pharaohs as well as the goddess of fertility. This was on earth. Back in her home realm she was known as Aaohtep Neftis. Her world was much like that of ancient egypt  and like her other gods and goddesses of the Pharaoh she bled pure gold. Over time the people she ruled on earth drained her of blood during the age when man turned against the gods. And entombed her within her own scepter. Though a young girl named Nefiri stole the golden staff and ran off with it. With what little power Aao still had she gifted the girl with her blood and made her a Bastet. Gifted with beauty and the power of her goddess. Nefiri took the staff to another plane. An untouched world full of savagery and slavery. There she guarded the staff in a small pyramid she built as a home.

The rebirth of the goddess 


After many hundreds of years in this small temple Nefiri came upon a young vampire who was a treasure hunter. She came for the staff and Nefiri was sure to protect it with her life. But something within the Vampire woman caused the Staff to activate and free Aao. the goddess was reborn and Seeing thios new world fraught with world and slavery Aao offered the vamp a better life then hunting for treasure. They would free the slaves and create the utopia with her as her right hand. And over the years they have. 


The present 


The people adored her of course not knowing who she really was save for the elders. She often took another form. Of course now they know now of her true form. And she made many of the young girls in the empire blessed with her gift. The empire was humans and bastests. She took care of her people which was her family. Now.No Aao seeks to bring slaves from other worlds into her fold. 



Aao as caring and motherly as she can be can also be very aggressive if she is offended or perceives a threat. Her time as a goddess of fertility only grew her appetites as well. Many of the young women and girls whom she gave her gift have also become part of her harem. As kind as she was and well loved as she was…The people were very well aware of her lustful nature with the women of the land. Perhaps it was thus nature that caused her to expand her hand to outside worlds and realms? Only one could guess.


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