Lucifer Morningstar


“This is the real way to move forward, Mum. To create a whole new world, your own world, without Father. You know that if we go back to Heaven, then there will be a war. And in war, there are always casualties. So, please, let there be light.”

-Brother (by siblings)
-Luci (by Amenadiel)
-My Angel (by Goddess)
-The Morning Star
-Prince of Darkness
-Old Scratch
-Dark Lord
-Young Rebel (by Amenadiel)
-My King (by Soul in Hell)
-Saint Lucifer (by Detective Chloe)
-Lord of Hell
-King of Hell
-King of Hellfire
-King of Evil

Species: Angel

Status: Alive

Date of Death: 2016 (murdered; resurrected by God) | 2017 (suicide; resurrected using a defibrillator)

Gender: Male

Home: Los Angeles (Current), Hell (Formerly, Abandoned), Heaven (Formerly, Banished)

Relatives: God (Father), Goddess (Mother), Amenadiel (Older Brother), Azrael (Sister), Uriel (Older Brother†), Angels (Siblings), Candy (Ex-Wife)

Occupation: LAPD- Civilian Consultant, Owner of Lux Nightclub, Sovereign of Hell (Formerly), Member of the Heavenly Host (Formerly)