Omera Tydeborne


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Omera “Mera” Tydeborne

27 {human} 386 {mer}
Shades of Turquoise eyes
Flowy, Alaria brown hair
Petite, yet inhumanly strong


Hellifynian by name. Hellifynian by nature.


Ocean dweller.
Master of Tides.

Conjurer of Pearl Magic.


  • Pearl magic 

  • Water manipulation

  • Ability to “breathe” water without the use of gills

  • Underwater fluidity and agility

  • Communication with sea life

  • Keeper of Merillia {mer essence}

  • Adaptation to temperature change


Omera’s been around for 386 {mer} years. She’s never stepped foot on land, she’s never shed her tail for legs, she doesn’t know much about land people at all because she’s never needed nor wanted to be around them. At least not since the “accident”. A run-in with an oil tanker that saw her coral reef go up in flames. Her family trapped in their cove with no way out. She’s harbored a deep rooted hatred for the bipedal land creatures ever since.


My Story Is...

Life under the sea is better than anything they’ve got up there…

My Appearance

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A mermaid, duh-